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Friday, February 25, 2022

The Biden Administration Did What?

* See UPDATE below...

OMG...according to the New York Times, the Biden administration presented intelligence to China showing Russian military buildup around Ukraine, hoping President Xi would intervene.

China promptly turned around and shared this intel with Russia and claimed that the U.S. was trying to "sow discord"...then refused to assist Biden when asked, repeatedly, over a three-month period.

That should not have come as a surprise, since it was public information that China and Russia had already formed an alliance.

Why on earth would President Biden and his minions think that China, it's number one adversary, would be a trustworthy partner to, firstly, be privileged to receive U.S. intelligence, then, be in sync with the U.S. objectives to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Are there no intelligent adults in Washington, especially in the Biden administration? They are bringing America to its knees in terms of energy and economic pressures, along with multiple escalating national security and foreign threats, because of their bad policies and actions, to date.

With this group of inept and weak-kneed apologists running America's national and foreign affairs, along with strategic economic and energy policies, God help Ukraine, America, and the world!

* UPDATE March 3...

China is no friend of the U.S. or Europe...I wonder when the West will realize that...

So, how is Putin extending Russia's border westward to Europe via a takeover of Ukraine any different than NATO possibly accepting Ukraine as a member to move its border next to Russia?

HINT...it's NOT!

NATO is NOT the one bombing Ukrainians at the moment...NOR have they voted to accept Ukraine into NATO.

So, China's stance is moot and without merit in its blame of NATO.

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