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Monday, June 01, 2020


* See UPDATES below...

This is an excerpt from my summary in Saturday's post related to the days-old riots currently raging in cities across America with respect to the death of George Floyd on May 25...

"We may see, either a pause in direction, or some profit-taking on Monday and beyond, as the markets digest the effects of this past week's riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and other cities across America...particularly, with respect to the damages caused to many businesses, as they were set to open in June after the COVID-19 pandemic months' long shutdown.

I hear that many more riots are planned for tonight (Saturday) in at least 50 cities. Who knows if this will spread to other countries, as they're also trying to rebuild their economies caused by the global pandemic...we'll see what happens."

Officer Derek Chauvin (left) and George Floyd (right)

Here's what, subsequently, happened Saturday night, and beyond...


These disturbing videos and tweets are just several out of thousands circulating on social media of the riots, bloody beatings of citizens (one known beaten to death), reporters, and police (one known death and dozens of injuries) by rioters, and the looting and torching of hundreds of businesses that occurred across America last night...

Twitter link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Is this the state of the "poor and oppressed" people of America who are "protesting" for a better life?...(check out their fancy cars as they stuff their loot into them)...

Twitter Link

Does this mean that Joe Biden supports rioters over business owners and law-abiding citizens, as well as the old lady and her husband who were beaten up while trying to protect their store from the destruction and looting, et al?...

Twitter Link

This is one of many statements issued by the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York in response to the violence...

Link to NYC PBA Twitter Feed

Twitter Link

Following several attacks by rioters against the NYP last night, the following press release was issued today by the USDOJ of the Eastern District of New York...

This is the statement issued today by Attorney General Barr on the riots and domestic terrorism...

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link
When will this out-of-control nation-wide mob violence end?

Who will end it?

How many more old ladies will have to be beaten up before someone stops this lawless violence?

If this were my Mom, I'd be livid!

As it is, I'm thoroughly disgusted at this savage behaviour, the lack of local and state leadership, and the complete disregard for this poor lady's well-being, and many others like her!

When will city, state and federal politicians protect their citizens from those rioters/anarchists?

What's wrong with these politicians? Where are the adults?

Why are they "afraid to offend these rioters and create bad optics" by bringing in the National Guard and the Military to enforce law and order (which President Trump and the Pentagon suggested days ago and made available to all 50 states)? It's clear that the local police in these cities can't handle it alone. The Mayors and Governors have, so far, resisted that offer. Why?

Why would they prefer, instead, to offend honest tax-paying small business owners whose entire lives and livelihoods have been destroyed in the course of just a few nights of riots?

Where are the political supporters of the rule of law, for which America is, supposedly, emblematic?

Voters, and law-abiding hard-working tax-paying small business owners, will remember the lack of local and state leadership when the November Presidential election rolls around. I wouldn't be surprised to see President Trump win a second term -- by a landslide -- Republicans retake the House -- by a landslide -- Republicans retain and gain seats in the Senate -- by a landslide -- and more Republicans retake Governorships.

Time will tell if these people ever develop any semblance of common sense...I won't hold my breath.

Meanwhile...back at the White House Sunday night...

Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 1...

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 2...

More police officers were injured last night, and the looting, property destruction and violence continued, once again...

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Two police officers (one retired) died at the hands of the rioters...

Twitter Link

Here's the confirmation statement by the US Park Police to the tweets above...tear gas was NOT used on protesters yesterday before the President walked from the White House to nearby fire-damaged St. John's Episcopal Church to pay his respects...

Link To Statement

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 5...

The latest foolishness...Democrat mayors and councils want to defund their police...

Twitter Link
If traditional law enforcement is defunded and abolished,
will Hillary Clinton, past Presidents, et al, then lose
their Secret Service protection?

Joe Biden
 is losing the support of police groups because of his failure to support them during the riots. Hundred of officers have been beaten by rioters and several have been killed...as he stands by and witnesses the U.S. descend into anarchy, while his staffers help bail them out of jail ...

The NYT suppresses free speech...

Twitter Link

The subversion of law enforcement has begun...

Twitter Link

Twitter Link
With an expected 1 million "protesters" coming to the gates of the White House
this weekend, he'd be crazy to agree!

Some former military leaders (e.g., General Mattis) turn to political partisan rhetoric during this crisis...

* UPDATE June 6...

Judge Jeanine Pirro's opening statement is moving and graphic...

Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 8...

So, people thought President Trump's photo-op in front of the burned Church (at the hands of rioters) next to the White House was wrong...check out this next little gem.

How strange that congressional Democrats thought that their stunt was a good idea...the cultural misappropriation of an African ceremonial scarf in order to promote their own political "superiority" for a photo-op that was nothing more than virtue signalling to the black community and the exploitation of the tragedy of George Floyd's death.

Shame on them, especially as they've done absolutely nothing during their many decades of power, at the federal, state and local levels, to help improve the lives of inner-city impoverished blacks...in stark contrast with the many economic programs that the Trump administration has implemented since taking office in January of 2017 for African Americans.

What specific programs have Democrats promised them in preparation for the November Presidential election? Zero that I've heard. So, why do they deserve their vote?

Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 13...


Twitter Link

* UPDATE June 20...

* UPDATE June 23...

* UPDATE June 28...

Fox News Mark Levin's TV interview with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and Colonel Allen West is illuminating with respect to the riots...

Click this link to watch the video
(first choose your communications provider and login)

* UPDATE June 29...

* UPDATE July 15...

BIG...This endorsement from the National Association of Police Organizations for President Trump 2020 is a big deal...(they endorsed Obama and Biden in 2008 and 2012 and no one in 2016)...

* UPDATE July 20...

Just when I thought I'd heard it all, this video clip surfaced today...it actually confirms what I said in my post of June 6 about the effort to defund the police being misogynistic, sexist and cruel to women and girls.

Only this time it can also be applied to what Democrats want in America...case in point is Minnesota Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison saying that he doesn't want police officers to respond to rape!

Check out the looks on the faces of both women...they can't even face him as he makes these stunning remarks! Shame on him!

Does this not signal that their endgame is to decriminalize rape as an offence...and who knows what else?

Women and girls have a right to be disgusted by and push back on such stupid, reckless and harmful policies and the people who suggest them!


Source: GOP War Room

What do Democrats think of the riots?



When does enough become enough?


Will agitators, rioters, looters and criminals:

  • stop their illegal vigilante and subversive activities,
  • stop condoning and/or advocating for violence, 
  • stop disrupting and interfering with peaceful protests, 
  • stop obfuscating the important message that is trying to be made by peaceful protesters, 
  • allow the process of peaceful and constructive community dialogue to begin, and
  • leave the "justice" aspect of the state and FBI investigations and the Minnesota Attorney General's court case against the four police officers, charged in the death of George Floyd, to the constitutional legal and justice systems?


So, is some of the violent insurgency that we're witnessing just another tactic by Trump-hating Democrats to have him removed from office, one way or another? They're certainly fanning the flames with their rhetoric against him.

During the past three and a half years, Democrat leaders failed to remove him with the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation (which turned out to be a complete hoax), as well as by their unconstitutional impeachment effort.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the impeachment hearings in January this year, the President was first trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which had just begun to spread to the U.S. and around the world. To date, it has killed over 100,000 Americans and all but destroyed the economy. It's not over yet and will likely explode due to all the massive crowds that have gathered for these protests (many turning into violent riots) in multiple cities. No doubt, Trump will be blamed for that, too.

Remember this threat by Senator Schumer back on January 3 2017? What did that really mean?..."You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you." President-elect Trump hadn't even taken office yet...

The following video clip contains an 'interesting' choice of words, and the timing of their utterance (January 23, 2020) is also 'interesting.' Why was he describing the U.S. economy as "overheated" and why did he proclaim that it "can't be kept at the boiling point for too long?" And, exactly what "revolutionary situation" (pertaining to President Trump's "problem") was he positing?...forecasting?...warning? Such a phrase was not yet in the mainstream news, that I'm aware of...

Twitter Link

We'll see if this latest tactic -- to usurp the power of Americans and strip the constitutional authority of law enforcement from the police and other agencies, and, possibly, national security from the President, as Commander-in-Chief -- is successful, or not...before voters even get the chance to exercise their constitutional right and make that decision for themselves in the upcoming November presidential election.



* UPDATE August 1, 2021...(Trump lost the Presidency in November 2020 & Biden won)

Good questions...