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Vintage Xmas Shopping



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Thursday, March 05, 2020

POLITICAL REMINDER: "Six Ways From Sunday"

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has a history of making public threats against his political "enemies"...

January 3, 2017...threat or promise?...against President-elect Trump (he hadn't even taken office yet!)...

Here's what happened after a two-year Intel Agency and Special Counsel investigation (read my post here)...HINT: President Trump was exonerated of any Russian collusion during the 2016 election campaign. In fact, the Intel Agencies are now under investigation for their initiation and handling of that investigation...and that story is developing.

March 4, 2020...threat or promise?...against two Supreme Court Justices (previously appointed by President Trump)...

Which then prompted this rare rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts on March 5...

And, Democrats finger-point at President Trump and accuse him of causing political rancour and disunity among Americans!

Where is the censure (or even expulsion) by the Senate for his bullying and dangerous threatening tactics?

Meanwhile, Senator Schumer's middle-class Americans also remain under threat of more Washington gridlock, as he continues to work against, instead of with, the President to create better lives for them and their children. Perhaps he'll feel their frustration at the ballot boxes on election day, November 3.