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Monday, October 25, 2021

BIDEN: Is He Or Isn't He...

Is President Biden in charge of decision-making at the White House?

Voters say, 'No.'

And, so his ratings continue to plummet...

With this in mind, it's clear he does NOT have a mandate to ram through trillions of dollars worth of new spending proposals, or to raise taxes for most Americans.

In fact, he doesn't have a mandate to continue on with ALL of his agenda.

If America were governed under a parliamentary system, he may well be ousted on a vote of non-confidence by parliament under these current conditions...which have been created by his inept, chaotic and nonsensical policies and executive orders from Day One of his presidency, and which are major contributing factors in destabilizing national security, in my opinion.

More bad news has surfaced, once again, for President Biden, as more and more people become alarmed and lose confidence in his abilities and capabilities to run the country.

I'd say that this alarm has been building ever since he took office in January, amidst his bizarre, disjointed, chaotic, and sometimes completely incoherent, behaviour and actions...that, along with his continued refusal to answer media questions and accept accountability for his agenda, following his press statements.

If he's not accountable for his actions,
then who is???
Who's running the country???

"The President's town hall performance
is cause for concern."

Wake up America!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

My Pet Peeve: The Use Of The Phrase 'Transitory Inflation'

U.S. Fed members have repeatedly used the word 'transitory' when describing the current inflation envoronment, as it is currently massively pushing up the price of most goods and services in all sectors of the economy...many by double-digit percentage points.

I would posit that 'transitory inflation' cannot be determined to be transitory until the time arrives when prices stop rising and drop back to levels prior to their increases.

Instead, inflation is simply inflation, until it stops and reverses.

If prices never stop rising and reverse back, they will never be 'transitory.'

Unless these members have a crystal ball, they do NOT know whether today's inflation will last, get worse, or ever stop rising and revert back to prior levels.

Fed members are, therefore, misusing this phrase and mischaracterizing or inaccurately describing today's state of affairs.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Washington, D.C. Hooked On Nonsense 😞

Only in Washington, D.C. would you hear such nonsense (aka malarkey)...and be told to accept it as a fait accompli...

'Common sense' is a foreign concept in Washington...and is frustrating for outsiders...

And...there's plenty of (very expensive...and intrusive) political nonsense...

Your choice...accept it or call it out for what it is.

Friday, October 15, 2021

SPX Target...4485?

4485 is the approximate apex of two short-term trendlines on this daily chart of the SPX.

We'll see whether price makes it up that high, and if so, whether it will hold as resistance.

However, there are a couple of gaps below today's price, so we'll see what happens.

Keep an eye on the Balance of Power indicator for possible clues of gathering strength in either direction.

My post of August 27 provides further details of what I'm also monitoring with respect to the SPX.

TGIF...Biden Solves The Debt Crisis 🙄

Enjoy your weekend! 😊

Thursday, October 14, 2021

"42 Reasons To Vote Against Democrats' Mind-Blowingly Corrupt Bill"

This headline is how Congressional Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks summarized his analysis of the Democrats' massive $3.5+ Trillion spending bill.

His 42 reasons are as follows (click this link to download the original memo...a larger version)...

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded independent journalists yesterday for not doing a good enough job of "selling" this bill to the American public! Why is she treating them as though they're part of the White House Comminications team? They're NOT! They're supposed to simply present facts...NOT embellish/distort them with Democrat talking points.

In any event, who'd want to put their reputation on the line to "sell" this "mind-blowingly corrupt" bill to unsuspecting Americans...then take the blame when it blows up

Let Democrats own all of it, including its sale and fallout.

If you think inflation is out of control now, wait until you see what happens if this monster bill is passed!

And, at what point does this

become a national security threat?

Sunday, October 10, 2021

RUSSIAGATE: The Plot Thickens And Is Becoming Explosive

The link to my earlier lenghty article on 'Russiagate' is noted here for background.

Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham has issued a second indictment (Michael Sussmann) in his years' long ongoing investigation of the attempted plot to smear former President Trump by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, et al, both during his 2015/16 presidential campaign and following his inauguration well into his four-year presidency.

More details regarding the second indictment can be read in the following article...

Revelations are beginning to explode onto the scene in this very complex plot to frame Donald Trump, and further indictments may be forthcoming, as detailed in the following article...

The Sussmann indictment...

Durham Indictment by Zerohedge

Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 09, 2021


* See UPDATE below...

Friday's dismal jobs numbers surprised everyone (490K were expected...only 194K were added in September)...

President Biden is out of touch with reality...his attempt to spin these numbers fell flat...

No one bought his crazy spin...Steve Forbes spells out the real reasons behind these numbers...

Inflation is hurting the jobs growth and the economy...

Stagflation is on the way...

What Biden's 'Build Back Better' plan ACTUALLY achieves...

* UPDATE October 11...

President Biden's vaccine mandates are having a growing catastrophic effect on worker protests and firings in major and crucial job sectors (e.g., air traffic controllers, pilots, flight attendants, nurses, doctors, first responders, police, military, etc.).

At what point does his policy
(and many others he's implemented)

Get ready...the worst is yet to come...

The pandemic and subsequent global policies are causing a domino effect that could very well produce catastrophic and long-lasting consequences for many sectors of society around the world...and, at the snail's pace that governments react, that could happen swiftly.

* UPDATE OCtober 12...

One member of the Federal Reserve is finally telling it like it is regarding inflation...and it's NOT good news for Americans...or for Joe Biden and Democrats...

More Fed stuff...This sounds a bit naughty...

* UPDATE October 14...

Fox News is reporting that there are 78 cargo ships, each carrying 15,000 containers of goods, waiting offshore at the port in Long Beach, California to dock and unload. There is a shortage of dock workers, warehouse space, truckers drivers of all kinds, and other workers to move these goods from these ships and into stores.

In fact, there is a shortage of 537,000 warehouse workers and truck drivers across America (despite companies offering to pay double or even triple their normal wages, with no takers). No plan has been presented by the Biden administration on how to address this labour shortage crisis...which they created.

There are 360 commercial ports in America, and they are all faced with the same problems.

Stores are already running out of various products, and it looks as though this will push inflation even higher.

How much of this is tied to Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandates (where workers in all private and public sectors across the U.S. are being fired for refusing to take the vaccine), and his ongoing policy of paying people to stay home and collect unemployment benefits during the pandemic? 

I'd say these and all of Biden's policies are causing this massive worker shortage and contributing to out-of-control inflation.

How long will Americans tolerate this mess?

The following reports and tweets re-enforce the inflation issue...

* UPDATE October 15...

Not only are the 'good times over' for President Biden, but they're over for every American, as well, as long as he and Democrats remain in control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate...in fact, I don't think ANY of his actions since he took office in January created ANY good times for ANYONE.

* UPDATE October 17...

Independents are abandoning Joe Biden...

America's energy crisis has been caused by Biden's policies against oil and gas...

President Biden's behaviour is becoming quite bizarre...

Wake up America!