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Friday, August 27, 2021

SPX: The Biggest Non-Bubble In History

* See UPDATES below...

Wall Street claims U.S. markets are not in a bubble.


Take a look at this monthly chart of the S&P 500 Index (SPX)...compare the rally, to date, from 2009 with the two prior ones leading up to August 2000 and October 2007...and judge for yourself.

No bubble

How about parabolic, then?

How much longer will the Fed continue to soft-pedal increasing domestic and global risks to economic and market stability, inflation, and national/international security issues, etc., by flooding markets with endless money-printing measures?

At the time of writing my post, every U.S. taxpayer is liable for $227,474 of the national debt.

How much longer will Wall Street continue to ignore and downplay those issues?

We'll see what happens....but the fall is likely to be spectacular and unprecedented.

* UPDATE September 4...

Just do the math...for confirmation of my analysis, check out the details outlined in this article...

* UPDATE September 5...

In a nutshell, my big takeaway from the detailed report below is that runaway inflation could cause the U.S. dollar to plummet, Treasury yields to spike, and Gold to become a safe-haven hedge against such a scenario...leaving equities vulnerable to the clutches of a severe bear market.

So, keep an eye on the price action of these three over the coming weeks and months, which are depicted on the following monthly chart.

Gold is sitting on major support and is poised to rally to new highs, the U.S. dollar is range-bound and swirling around long-term major support/resistance, and the US10YT is sitting just below and poised to break above major resistance, once again, and rally to form a new uptrend on this timeframe.

No wonder the Fed keeps insisting that inflation is 'transitory!'

* UPDATE September 17...

The question of the bubble-burst is not IF, but WHEN.

Inflation expectations rose again, as reported today.

Source: Forex Factory

Exerpt from ZH article

Consumer sentiment dropped, again, as reported today.

Source: Forex Factory

The panic sets in...

And, don't forget that Biden's catastrophic southern border distaster and COVID super-spreader event -- 200,000 illegal aliens crossing per month who are being transported and dumped by Biden's minions in towns and cities all across the country -- has created an avoidable humanitarian and health crisis of epic proportions, as his administration is trying to prevent the media from filming this mess.

See my latest post on the SPX for more details on what I'm monitoring on this index.

All of this, plus Joe Biden's other botched policies, adds to out-of-control  inflation...and spiking COVID-19 cases from illegal immigration.

Sooner or later markets will react,
as Biden breaks America.


N.B. Read more on inflation here and more on national security here.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Biden's White House on Holiday While Afghanistan Falls to Taliban

* See UPDATES below...HUGE developing story...

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Link to video

President Joe Biden's botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan has created a colossal international crisis that will spawn epic terrorist threats to the entire world for decades to come. 

You get the gist of this crisis from the headlines below...there are growing calls for Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris to resign. There are growing calls to remove him under the provisions of the 25th Amendment. There are growing calls to court-martial him as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces.

By the way -- and this is important to note -- Biden did NOT execute the (methodical, on-the-ground threat-assessment-based, conditions-based, and staged) withdrawal plan that former President Trump was considering BUT did not implement during his presidency (plus, Trump would NOT have ceded control of the military airports to the Taliban, nor would he have left all of the U.S. military equipment, arms, drones, helicopters, planes, etc., including the valuable military technology that these contain, that Biden did). 

Instead, Biden is now blaming Trump for this disastrous failure that he, alone, created in a gameplan that was completely different from Trump's plan...only a weak leader would play the blame game.

Democrats are now blaming Biden's intellegence agencies for the failure of the Afghan military to hold control and allow the takeover of the country by the sadistic terrorist regime of the Taliban (including five Taliban terrorist leaders who were detained at Gitmo, but released by former President Obama), who have swiftly released al-Qaeda and ISIS prisoners from Afghan prisons...while ChinaRussia and Iran wait in the wings!

America is a complete mess and more vulnerable to terrorist threats due to Biden's complete incompetence on his domestic and foreign policies and actions...and he's only been President since January 20...what's it going to be like in another 3 1/2 years!

People are angry (ranging from rage to grief as described by many American veterans and Congress men and women) and feel abandoned and betrayed by their President.

(N.B. updated info. can be found in
this ZeroHedge article at this link)

Source: Fox News (a must-watch video)

20 years of lies, lies and more lies...

* UPDATE August 16...

There are credible reports from inside Afghanistan (source: Jennifer Griffin, Fox News national security correspondent at the Pentagon) that the Taliban are going door-to-door looking for retribution for those who aided the U.S. (interpreters, etc.) over the past 20 years...it seems these terrorists now possess the papers of all those who worked with the U.S.

What other intelligence have they also seized?

The brutality that awaits the Afghan people, especially the women and girls, is sickening. 

Fox News chief political correspondent and TV host of Special Report, Bret Baier, reported (on Tuesday the 17th) that they've already seen a video of a woman being shot in Afghanistan.

Other barbaric atrocities are being carried by these murderous jihadists, as reported on August 18 in this Zero Hedge article.

America is now under a drastically increased threat of future terrorist attacks at home and abroad...and the 20-year anniversary of 9/11 is just around the corner.

Source: ZeroHedge

Check out Biden's cowardly (and inaccurate according to General Jack Keane) blamegame statements in his speech below.

Apparently the military had fully briefed him beforehand on the repercussions and national security dangers of withdrawing troops in the manner that we are now witnessing, but he ignored that and ordered it anyway)...makes you wonder why his military leaders carried out those orders and didn't offer their resignation, instead.

Immediately after reading his speech without taking any questions from the press, Biden left the White House and returned to Camp David to resume his vacation...leaving his pentagon, state department and national security spokesmen to, subsequently, try and clean up his mess via their own press conference and Q & A event. Judging from the comments I've seen in the media, I'd say that effort wasn't very successful or convincing.

By the way, why isn't his national security team around him at Camp David?

Who's running the show while Biden is AWOL and no one's answering the phone at the White House? And, why is VP Kamala Harris silent and nowhere in sight.

* UPDATE August 17...

The horror for Afghans begins, physically and monetarily (it looks like that country has been a giant black hole that has sucked up U.S. resources -- at least $1-2 Trillion plus thousands of U.S. military lives lost and maimed over the past 20 years -- and is still unable to stand on its own).

Meanwhile, it's been reported that there are anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 Americans still trapped inside and scattered throughout Afghanistan, trying to find a safe path to the one remaining airport still temporarily under U.S. military control until August 31 in order to gain passage home (there are already reports of people being beaten on their trek)...what happens after that date is anyone's guess.

By the way, we're now hearing from Congressmen that THERE WAS NO PLAN IN PLACE BEFOREHAND TO EVACUATE THESE AMERICANS LIVING AND WORKING THERE...SO THESE PEOPLE DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO! And Biden's spokesmen have said that they're NOT EVEN BEING GIVEN PRIORITY, but are lumped in with Afghans who assisted over the years (who haven't even been vetted yet through the Visa process)!

Who the hell thought up such a reprehensible and derelict way to 'bug out' of this country? And, why?

More importantly, why is Nancy Pelosi praising Biden for his handling of this complete screw-up?

Source: ZeroHedge
(N.B. more info on that can be found at this link)

OMG...Biden knew in advance that the chaos we're now seeing was likely to happen...yet lied to the American public...

Link to tweet & article

I repeat...what a mess President Biden has created, domestically and abroad, for America and its allies...he didn't even warn them (or even the Afghanistan military force) ahead of time that he was going to immediately pull all troops out of Afghanistan! As long as he remains president and Kamala Harris as VP, the U.S. and the world will continue to be less safe.

How much longer will those around both of them continue to enable them and push their un-American, weak and ill-conceived extreme far-left socialist policies forward, and how much responsibility do they also bear in the failed outcomes and residual fallout? 

In this regard, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with Democrats and all their donors -- and to a lesser but very important extent -- the mainstream media (most of it), social media moguls, Hollywood celebs, Wall Street elites and bankers, Corporate moguls, etc. have all slobbered over how Biden/Harris bring 'normalcy' and 'a breath of fresh air' back to America!

We'll see what happens.

By the way, if Donald Trump were the President and if he had pulled the same botched stunt as Biden just did, you can bet your a$$ that Speaker Pelosi would have already impeached him, along with his VP, and installed herself as President (inasmuch as she's next in the line of succession after the VP)...something she threatened to do during the first (failed) impeachment charade of President Trump.

Will she impeach Biden and Harris

Don't hold your breath.

I repeat...who's running the show while Biden is AWOL and no one's answering the phone at the White House? And, why is VP Kamala Harris silent and nowhere in sight.

On another bizarre note, why is Twitter giving a platform to the Taliban terrorists to spread their 'death-and-destruction-to-America' propoganda, while President Trump and other Conservatives remain banned from their site? 

Congress should investigate.

Source: ZeroHedge

Meanwhile, one Republican Senator raises this question...

Now we see this statement from a Democrat Senator...BUT will they have the fortitude to hold President Biden accountable, or will this just be another useless hearing where nothing tangible and no repercussions ensue?

Don't hold your breath that anything will change in Washington...it will soon be back to 'business as usual' in the blink of an eye, while conditions in the Middle East and other global hotspots continue to deteriorate, along with America's national security (e.g., the southern border is still wide open and an exlosive crisis, itself...over one million illegal aliens have been apprehended and released into the country since January and many of them have COVID and have infected hundreds of border guards).

If so, look for a tsunami of change to occur in the House and Senate when the 2022 midterm election rolls around, followed by the 2024 presidential election...although, I think it's coming anyway.

Americans do NOT want to be ruled by a plethora of rabid socialists, to which they have already been subjected in the U.S. since January! 

Many American citizens emigrated/escaped from countries run by socialist and communist leaders and enjoyed their liberties and freedom from tyrannical ideologues...they were supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution which is supposed to be upheld by U.S. (Democrat) leaders and the courts.

So, we'll see what happens.

* UPDATE August 19...

Joe Biden has much to answer for...

Source: Townhall

And, yet, he had the gall to say in an ABC News interview yesterday that, "...the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don't know how that happens." 

Shameful...and obvious he needs to be replaced by someone who does...someone with 'intellectual agility'...an apt military phrase used today by General Keith Kellogg in a Fox News interview today...

Link to video

General Jack Keane revealed these very important messages in a Fox News interview today...

Link to video
(I think a lot of people, outside Washington, 
have been stunned to discover 
how callous Joe Biden really is, for the most part)

It gets worse...Fox News reported the following...

Source: Fox News 08/19/21

Biden cannot afford to be at odds with his UK allies (who've been there to help the U.S. since 9/11)...

Source: ZeroHedge
(What an epic disaster that Biden created...
you have to read this to believe it!)

I guess Joe is out of Macron's G7 'club' now...

Source: WSJ

Source: ZeroHedge

Source: The Telegraph

He must have forgot...

Source: New York Post

And, the leaking and finger-pointing begins in Washington...

* UPDATE August 20...

President Biden held a brief press conference (long overdue) today (he took five pre-scripted questions from the press)...it didn't go well, inasmuch as his State Department and Pentagon representatives (including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin) subsequently contradicted (corrected) many of his blatantly erroneous statements...

Source New York Post

Source: ZeroHedge

Yes, Tucker (Fox News), it is VERY curious...

Fact or fiction?...we'll see what happens...

* UPDATE August 21...

Only ten days left before the U.S. has to leave Afghanistan and we hear today that only 2,500 Americans have been able to get through to Kabul airport and be flown out, so far.

Now this...

Source: Zerohedge

Link to tweet & video

Source: New York Post

Impeach Nancy Pelosi, as well...

Source: New York Post

Source: WSJ

Link to tweet & article
[My question...So, why wasn't the NYT reporting 
accurate information about Biden's (and Kamala's) 
fitness to lead as President and VP
during the 2020 election campaign?
They and the majority of the media 
shielded and helped them get elected.
They own the catastrophic results!]

An excellent discussion on the chaos in Kabul (The Journal Editorial Report Fox News) ...

Link to video

Democrats: 'Buyer's remorse'...

Source: RSBN 

Source: The Telegraph

Link to Fox News video

* UPDATE August 22...

VP Harris: contemptible and callous...

Link to tweet & video

Political dodge-ball...seems to be the only thing the Biden administration is capable of doing...and extraordinarily badly, at that...

President Biden and VP Harris must immediately resign...as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who is trying to ram another $5 Trillion, in addition to $1 Trillion+ already passed, in wasteful spending and unconstitutional laws through the House this week)...

Source: Zerohedge

And these media outlets need to stop coddling them...and start telling Americans the truth for a change (stop the partisan politics and get back to honest journalism)...it's actually very easy...

Hypocritical Pelosi and donors...

So, Biden flat out lied when he said AQ was gone from Afghanistan...no one can trust anything he and anyone in his administration say anymore...they knew they were gaining strength as of 2020...


Anyone with half a brain could see what he was like from 'day one!'...

Link to tweet & article

Meanwhile, there are actually millions of  pragmatists still left in the U.S....

Link to video


Link to tweet & article

Link to tweet & article

Incredible that it's come to calls for a court-martial of Commander-in-chief Biden...

Link to video

Another nonsensical press conference was held at the White House today where they dusted off and trotted out Biden to read more 'stuff' off a teleprompter and read scripted answers to scripted questions posed by pre-selected members of the press...by the way, why is the press still going along with this ridiculous format? They're just continuing to enable his erratic behaviour.

Also, watch the video clip below and you'll see President Biden's 'tell' (which has been prominent and consistent ever since he first announced his candidacy to run for President)...his hand gesture where he scratches his nose that exposes the fact that he knows that what he's saying, or about to say, is a lie

PLUS he's laughing...thinks this is all a big joke

If that doesn't send chills down your spine, I don't know what will!

Link to video

very important video worth watching...

Source: Fox News

Take a look at this video (August 22)...it's a damning assessment of the withdrawal and a dangerous and bleak outlook for the entire world by these military experts...

Link to Fox News video

* UPDATE August 25...

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has repeatedly turned his back on reporters, refusing to answer their questions on Afghanistan in at least three press briefings in the past week....and, by extension, has turned his back on all Americans.

That's his legacy.

Kamala Harris is AWOL...during this crisis and throughout much of Biden's presidency, so far.

That's her legacy.

Brace yourselves for much worse news and more lies to be exposed in the days to come!

* UPDATE August 30...

The Pentagon announced today that all U.S. troops and diplomatic personnel have left Afghanistan, ending the 20-year war. There are an unknown firm number of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies who are still stranded in the country and could not get out before the last military plane left today.

Just prior to the terrorist suicide bombing attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 and wounded approximately 20 U.S. military service members on August 26, (retired) Lieutenant-General H.R. McMaster said in a television interview that, 
"There are costs associated with surrendering to a terrorist (Taliban) organization."

Following the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001, the U.S. military engaged in a war in Afghanistan and fought against the Taliban and other terrorist groups in that country for 20 years.

20 years (and thousands of U.S. troops killed and wounded) later, President Biden, essentially, surrendered control of Afghanistan back to the Taliban and left them thousands of pieces of military equipment, in the process...thereby strengthening their (and al-Qaeda and ISIS-K) terrorism capabilities against America.

Americans will have to ask themselves whether the initial purpose of the war and the final results were, and will be, effective at preventing more terrorist attacks in the U.S. from that part of the world.

Furthermore, Americans will have to decide whether or not to hold President Biden and other top leaders in his administration accountable for this surrender and their failed Afghanistan operation to get all Americans and their allies (including billions of taxpayer dollars worth of military equipment) out of the country.

Former President Obama was fond of saying, "There is only one President at a time." 

President Biden is the current president and Commander-in-Chief...the buck stops with him...he is responsible for all decisions made since he took office on January 20 of this year..NOT former President Trump, whom he's been cowardly trying to blame for this botched withdrawal.

I think a tsunami of change will occur in the House and Senate when the 2022 midterm election rolls around, followed by the 2024 presidential election.

Many Americans do NOT want to be ruled by a plethora of rabid socialists, to which they have already been subjected in the U.S. since January.

Many American citizens emigrated/escaped from countries run by socialist and communist leaders and enjoyed their liberties and freedom from tyrannical ideologues...they were supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution which is supposed to be upheld by U.S. (Democrat) leaders and the courts.

So, we'll see what happens.

* UPDATE August 31...

The fallout has begun...

All you need to know from President Biden's speech on Afghanistan today was that he:
  • lied repeatedly...again,
  • blamed everyone else but himself...again,
  • took no questions...again,
  • and turned his back on Americans...once again...as he left the podium.

So, nothing new.

God help AmericansAfghan women and girls, and the rest of the world.

* UPDATE September 7...

AMERICANS & NATO LEADERS: Are you paying attention yet?...

From Gitmo to Afghan government...via former President Obama and President Biden...

"Our Friends the Taliban": What could possibly go wrong? Are there no sane persons/cabinet secretaries/advisors/leaders running the Biden/Harris administration?

I repeat...AMERICANS & NATO LEADERS: Are you paying attention yet?

* UPDATE September 8...

More lies and despicable, cruel actions exposed in the Biden administration...this time in the State Department, which is actively blocking Americans stranded in Afghanistan from returning to the U.S....

Anger is growing in America at Biden's incompetent Afghanistan blunders and lies...
"Biden has no business setting foot at Ground Zero on the Anniversary of 9/11."

* UPDATE September 10...

If this next story doesn't make you seriously question whether Biden's "over-the-horizon military intelligence capabilities" are, in fact, a competent and reliable method to gather intelligence about terrorist activities inside Afghanistan, then I don't know what will. 

The New York Times is reporting that Biden's latest blunder cost 10 innocent Afghans their lives (including 7 children) in the hours leading up to the last American plane leaving Kabul airport. 

By the way, the Biden administration is now praising the Taliban this week for working with the U.S. in a "business-like and professional manner"...in spite of horrific reports, photos and videos coming out of Afghanistan showing these terrorists severly whipping and beating women protesters and the local reporters covering those events, as well as torturing and beheading Afghan allies and their families throughout the country (including taking and killing Afghan boys to prevent their future resistance).

What the hell is going on in 
Joe Biden's Oval Office 
and Administration?

I repeat...AMERICANS & NATO LEADERS: Are you paying attention yet?

* UPDATE September 17...

The Pentagon held a news briefing today to admit that they did, indeed, kill the wrong persons in Kabul with their drone strike. It was an Afghan aid worker, who was busy delivering water to Afghans in need, and family members -- 3 adults and 7 children -- NOT ISIS-K terrorists, as the military leaders and Joe Biden originally bragged.

So, now we have proof that Biden's "over-the-horizon military intelligence capabilities" are not a reliable method with which to conduct counter-terrorism activities in Afghanistan going forward.

No doubt, the multiple terrorist regimes in that country will be emboldened by that revelation...along with the fact that they're now armed with thousands of U.S. military weapons and equipment left behind during their pullout, and the fact that there are still hundreds/thousands of Americans and Afghan allies abandoned there (serving as hostages of the Taliban).

* UPDATE September 30...

While President Biden insists that his military leaders (Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, and Commander of Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie) did NOT advise him to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, they testified otherwise before Congress on September 28 and 29 and said the decision to pull all troops out was Biden's, NOT theirs. 

President Biden and his entire cabinet,
as well as VP Kamala Harris,
need to resign immediately
to regain the security and stability of 
America and its global allies.

* UPDATE October 15...

I think most Americans, and people around the world, were sickened by how Biden conducted this withdrawal...

* UPDATE February 3, 2022...

bombshell report has been written regarding leaked White House documents, which describe just how poorly the whole military exercise was planned and carried out. 

The following article provides details.

GOP excerpt

* UPDATE February 8...

And...it gets worse as another damning report is released...

Fox News excerpt

Why is Joe Biden still President/Commander-in-Chief of the United States?

* UPDATE Jan. 13, 2023...

Finally, now that Republicans have gained a majority in the House in the 2022 November mid-term election, they have launched an investigation into the "Biden Administration's chaotic and deadly Afghanistan troop withdrawal operation and evacuation of August 2021," as noted in this ZeroHedge report.

No doubt, the public is anxious for answers to all questions.

* UPDATE May 9...

President Biden and the State Department were warned about the advancing Taliban takeover, according to reports...House Republicans are moving to hold Secretary of State Antony Blinken in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with subpoena requests related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

* UPDATE April 3, 2024...

The Afghanistan withdrawal was botched by the Biden administration...the buck stops with President Biden, who had the final say (called the shots) on the timing and operational aspects of the chaotic and deadly exit.

When will Americans hold him accountable?


I repeat...AMERICANS & NATO LEADERS: Are you paying attention yet?

May peace come to all who served and survived.

May all those who died, rest in peace.