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Friday, August 06, 2021

How To End The Week On A High Note...And How Not To...


99 reasons to 😊...

The SPX set a record high this week and closed just below. 

However, keep an eye on the Balance of Power indicator, inasmuch as it is not confirming the new weekly highs...portending possible weakness ahead.

This July 27th tweet regarding the SPX is worth noting...

LOW (Democrat) NOTES

Democrat women blame Kamala Harris' unpopularity on her sex...BUT I thought their party didn't recognize male and female genders! 

So ladies, what's the real reason? 😕

This young girl's eyes and body language say it all...how creepy is this 'too-close-for-comfort' shot of Joe Biden! And, why isn't he wearing his mask (in violation of his own policy/mandate) and staying 6 feet away from her with COVID-19 cases on the rise again? ðŸ˜’

And, there are these reminder shots (posted in Twitter) from past encounters over the years (only a tiny sample from many cringe-worthy moments of Joe's hands-on invasion into girls' and women's personal space without their permission)...

And, there's this unfinished business in Biden's past...

Remember this statement?...(Kamala Harris now works for the man whom she threw under the bus in 2019 when she was campaigning to be President, herself...how could she then lower her standards to be chosen as his VP?)...

It looks like the gloves are off in the row between President Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) regarding COVID-19 protocols and illegal immigration...

Hypocritical (and hysterical) demands to take away all police protection from American citizens, such as the one touted by this Democrat Congresswoman (while keeping her own taxpayer-funded security) make a great promotional ad for Republicans in the 2022 mid-term and 2024 Presidential elections...

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo had a bad week.

The New York Attorney General (D) held a press conference and laid out the results of an investigation into complaints that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. ðŸ˜’

President Biden called for him to resign. 👀 The Governor has, so far, refused.

There is a bi-partisan impeachment inquiry currently underway in the New York State Assembly covering this and three other major issues...and multiple New York District Attorneys have now opened investigations on this case.

We'll see what happens...

P.S. NY Governor Cuomo announced his resignation today (August 10), to be effective in 14 days. We'll see if the State Assembly follows through to impeach him, or not...and what happens with any court cases against him on various issues.

* UPDATE August 13...

Just when you thought President Biden couldn't have a worse week than the last one, this week topped that one...

And, there's more, as I describe in this post.