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Friday, June 28, 2024

PART VI: Joe Biden's Presidential Battle For Survival: IT'S OVER, JOE...IT'S TIME TO GO!

 N.B. Parts I, II, III, IV and V regarding President Joe Biden's massive policy blunders and scandals are described in detail hereherehere, here and here, respectively, for your edification.

Due to the extensive length of the prior articles, I've had to break them up into parts. Part VI begins, as follows, with the latest scandal, Biden's failing mental and physical acuity/health.

After watching the Presidential debate on TV last night between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, I only have seven words:

It's over, Joe...it's time to go!

For a multitude of supporting reasons, please refer to the following article, as well as my above-referenced articles, all of which factor into my summation.

We'll see what happens between now and the upcoming Presidential election on November 5

The longer Joe stays in the race, the more his cognitive and health decline will be reinforced...giving his opponent an ever-increasing margin of victory to retake the White House next January...and the Democrats less and less time to replace him on the ballots.

HOWEVER, a word of warning...any replacement (including his VP Kamala Harris, who is even less popular with voters than Biden) will still bring Joe's failed socialistic policies/agenda of:

  • high taxes, 
  • high spending, 
  • high inflation, 
  • exploding national debt, 
  • extreme (punitive) regulations, 
  • oversized/redundant government agencies, 
  • restrictive mandates (e.g., COVID-19, ESG, DEI),
  • unconstitutional/illegal executive orders (in contravention of Supreme Court rulings and the Constitution), 
  • high crime and reduced or non-existent punishment laws, 
  • defunding of police and ICE agencies, 
  • open borders exacerbating national security risks,
  • a war on oil and gas production,
  • a penchant for starting/extending reckless and costly wars,
  • weak foreign relations and policies, etc.,
inasmuch as the Democrat party of the elite has swung to the extreme far-left without regard for middle and lower-income taxpayers

In other words, your quality of life will continue to deteriorate under the rule of Democrats, regardless of who is the leader.

More articles in support of my position are as follows...

Special Counsel Robert Hur

* UPDATE July 3...

Oh, how politicians love to 'gaslight' the public...the proof is in actual facts that bely those lies...

As the 'dementia-gate' plot thickens, it's only a matter of time...the question is, will President Biden resign (or be forced to) before his first term is up? 

The second question is, why is his convicted-felon and crack-addict son, Hunter Biden, sitting in on meetings and what security clearances does he have? 🤔

Can you imagine what expletives the media pundits and politicians (of both parties) would be screaming if former President Trump had said this?...

* UPDATE July 6...

OMG!!! 😮...

And...more shocking revelations about and examples of Joe Biden's rapidly-declining mental and physical health are detailed  herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere and here (by the way, notice from references in these articles how the Democrat party has become the party of "mega-donor elites"...NOT the party of the "little guy" or the "middle and working class").

He's, literally, falling apart before everyone's eyes. 

I do not think he will be able to serve out his term until January 20, 2025 and am wondering when he will either resign or be forced out by his cabinet members and VP via the implementation of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States...as is more thorougly argued in this article.

* UPDATE July 9...

Now that all the gaslighting has been exposed, what's next for Biden's political future, as well as the national security of America? 

People are, rightly, angry and completely disillusioned with the deception of Democrats and the mainstream media over the past four years.

The November election results will be "interesting," but will they be honest and believable?

* UPDATE July 13...

Joe Biden's and Democrats' "Big Green Grift" will become extinct in the next several years, as it will be inadequate to generate the electical capacity needed to power AI data centers in the U.S. (which will require "a lot of fossil fuels and a lot of nuclear").

This confirms that the President and his minions, who've been funding and implementing mandating their restrictive and socialistic policies, are sorely lacking in innovative forward-thinking capabilities.

* UPDATE July 17...

President Biden's circle of support keeps shrinking each day...as donors and voters gravitate toward former President Trump and his 20-point platform/agenda (in furtherance of his accomplishments achieved during his 2017-2021 presidency) to unite and move the country forward to improve Americans' lives, which have been destroyed by Biden's woke (extreme far-left socialist) policies/mandates/agenda...

Former President Trump,
post-assassination attempt
July 13, 2024
(latest discovery info, so far, detailed here)

Joe Biden...the "placeholder President"...😏

* UPDATE July 19...

Democrats and some of their media pundits have been arguing that it would be bad for Joe Biden's "legacy" if he stayed in the presidential election race and lost to Donald Trump...and have been using it as a lame excuse to push the idea that another Democrat candidate should replace Biden before or at the upcoming August DNC convention.

But, think about this...somebody else's "legacy" and political future (for 2028 and beyond) could also be in jeopardy if they ran and lost to Trump.

By the way, which Democrat politician is going to be dumb enough to risk their current reputation, as well as their potential for future advancement in the coming years, if he/she replaced Biden as the Democrat presidential candidate...only to lose to Trump? 🤔

HR Clinton...again? I don't think so.

VP Kamala Harris...a possible scapegoat and middle finger by Joe Biden to the Democrat elites who are forcing him to step down? Under that scenario, SHE RISKS HER reputation and legacy, and JOE DOES NOT. So, KARMA works in mysterious ways. 😏

Thus, their "legacy" argument is without merit and lacks authenticity.

I think they're stuck with Joe Biden for 2024...unless something big changes that scenario.

N.B. If Biden does withdraw his candidacy, he should also immediately resign as President...is he's unfit to run, he's unfit to serve.

ZeroHedge image

* UPDATE July 20...

Democrats' 'political coup' against Joe Biden appears to be picking up the pace.

So much for their nauseating and hate-filled "anti-democracy" theme that they've been hypocritically spewing non-stop against Donald Trump during this election cycle...

ZeroHedge excerpt

The Biden/Harris administration's near-destruction of America and gaslighting to Americans have ruined it for everybody...


...who's really been running the whole show behind the scenes, in addition to multiple dishonest mainstream media agencies, since Joe Biden took office???

This debate was only the latest in a series of awful appearances (that were accurately covered by a very few media outlets, such as Fox News and ZeroHedge) that have exposed his mental and physical incompetence and incapacity to govern as President during the past three and a half years.

Who is the puppeteer President??? 🤔


N.B. Remember...a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for VP Kamala Harris, inasmuch as she would automatically become President if anything were to happen to Biden, if he is elected to serve a second term.


* UPDATE July 21...

Finally, President Joe Biden has dropped out of the 2024 race...and has endorsed VP Kamala HarrisJoe's possible 'scapegoat' (see my explanation of this label in my above UPDATE of July 19), to run for President.

BUT, former President Obama has NOT endorsed her. Instead, he's supporting some kind of mini-primary to allow for other potential Democrats candidates to throw their hat into the ring and be voted on, with one being elected, at the upcoming DNC convention in August by 3,936 Democrat delegates who represent the millions of primary voters who already voted for Biden as their nominee. Whether this is even legal or constitutional remains to be answered.

Talk about an undemocratic election process for all 14,500,000 primary voters who thought they were voting for Joe Biden! 🤔

So, as of now, Americans don't know who former President Donald Trump (R) will face as his opponent in the November election.

By the way, if Democrats want to now brag about and elevate the possibility of electing a WOMAN to be President, just remember and ponder these gems touted as part of their nonsensical genderless screed, plus the fact that President Biden's Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, couldn't define what a "woman" was when questioned by Senator Marsha Blackburn during her confirmation hearing...and, ask yourself, do you really want to be subjected to more of this extreme far-left nonsense (including ESG and DEI policies/mandates) for the next eight years by another Democrat administration? 

As an aside, if Joe Biden is unfit to run in this election, he's not fit to stay on as President until January 20, 2021...he's now facing numerous calls to resign.

What a chaotic mess! Can anything more weird happen before the election? 👀

Unknown 2024 
Democrat Presidential Candidate