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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Part III: Joe Biden's Battle For Presidential Survival

N.B. Parts I and II regarding President Biden's massive policy blunders and scandals are described, in detail, here and here, respectively, for your edification.

Due to the extensive length of the prior articles, I've had to break them up into parts...Part III begins, as follows.

Today begins with the release of the latest CPI numbers. 

As you can see from the following ZeroHedge articles, inflation is still on the rise in the U.S., notwithstanding the Fed's attempts to curb it, via its series of interest rate hikes.

As I've previously detailed, ad nauseam, Joe Biden's failed policies are to blame...as the U.S. National Debt continues its parabolic spike above $31 Trillion...and, as U.S. National Security spirals further into a deep hole, thanks to his domestic and foreign actions, to date (e.g.,  Afghanistan...he was on holiday during that fiasco!)...etc.


JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, no doubt, raised a few elite liberal globalists' eyebrows with his blunt comments today...regarding inflation, oil and gas, ESG, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump.

Even though Trump is NOT the current President, Wall Street still likes to bash him, even though the U.S. economy was exceptionally strong under his conservative policies, numerous accomplishments and his strong leadership).

ZeroHedge excerpt

As an aside, Dimon's bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM), is trading above a major support level of 100.00, as shown on the following monthly chart...after plummeting from its parabolic high of 172.33, set in November 2021.

It has traded almost in lock-step with the Financials ETF, XLF. Should XLF continue to drop, it may drag JPM down to 100.00, or lower, as well. 

As noted in the article above, they are expected to report their Q3 earnings tomorrow...so, we'll see what happens.

And, of course, oil and gas producers are not fans of President Biden's green energy agenda.

So far, Joe Biden has:

  • BRAGGED about ending the fossil fuel industry during (and after) his 2020 campaign for President (while draining America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve for political gains),
  • BLAMED eveyone and everything (Putin, the war in Ukraine, oil companies, Trump), but himself for spiking oil and gas prices and inflation, and
  • BEGGED dictatorships to produce more oil (Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran).
This is a black eye for America's energy indepence, previously enjoyed under former President Trump...and a grave threat to its national security.

ZeroHedge excerpt

ZeroHedge excerpt

So, will these guys vote for Republicans in the November midterm elections

If not, what's their excuse for whining after that? πŸ€”

Interesting how prescient this political cartoon was
pre-2020 Presidential election. 😏

* UPDATE Oct. 19...

Sounds like the DOJ/FBI have been dragging their feet on this long-standing issue and have some explaining to do...

* UPDATE Oct. 24...

They're not alone...πŸ˜•

* UPDATE Nov. 3...

Biden's..."'hostile' federal administrators installed to attack the energy industry."

Not only that, and, as a result of high inflation and energy prices, it seems that Joe Biden doesn't care how much pain and hardship his draconian policies cost his citizens and turns them into debtor-serfs

He's tone-deaf to their struggles...and voters are noticing.

We'll see what happens on November 8 (midterm election day)! πŸ‘€

If a "red wave" occurs (Republicans retake the House and Senate with a clear majority), President Biden has no one but himself to blame! πŸ€”

The following article lays out an excellent summary of Joe's "accomplishments" during the past two years.

It's not a pretty picture...

ZeroHedge excerpt

ZeroHedge excerpt

ZeroHedge excerpt

If Democrats think that Barack Obama's voice on the campaign trail in the days before the midterm election will be a plus for their party, they've obviously forgotten all about the 1,000+ seats he lost them during his 8 years as President!

* UPDATE Dec. 22...

An insightful video discussion on December 18 with Fox News TV host Mark Levin and his guests, covering Joe Biden's performance as President, etc...

N.B. Due to the length of this post, you can continue to read updates at this link (Part IV: Joe Biden's Battle For Presidential Survival).