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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

MSCI World Index In Freefall

* See UPDATES below...

The MSCI World Index has been in freefall since January, as shown on the following monthly chart.

Major support sits at 2000, while longer-term supports lies at 1600.

Threats of world-wide recession are looming, as described in the following article...

ZeroHedge excerpt

The following posts provide further details and warnings in this regard:

Trade with caution!

* UPDATE July 28...

The U.S. is now in a technical recession...but the hucksters (including President Biden) would have you believe that technical data doesn't matter and that everything is rosy...

The following sums up the current chaotic state of affairs...choose your definition and place your bets accordingly, if you dare. 😏

ZeroHedge excerpt

* UPDATE July 30...

QUESTION: What do UNSDG, UNFAO, UNFS, as well as ESG, all have in common? 

ANSWER: Global (socialist) government control/ownership of land, food, water, housing, transportation/travel, health/welfare, energy, technology, banking/finances, education, media/social media & censorship, and goods production/distribution...via policies supported/adopted by the WEF, the UN, and major countries/unions, such as the UK, USA, EU, China, and Canada.

So, why have the Chinese and Bill Gates been buying up thousands of acres of farmland in the USA?

And why is the world in such a mess (with countries experiencing famines for the first time due to new restrictions/regulations on crop fertilizers and energy sources) -- and "transitioning" (global elites' favourite word du jour) toward an epic disaster -- under these principles/doctrines and practices (UN's "Agenda 2030")?

ZeroHedge excerpt

One hypocritical Hollywood elite, who hadn't done his research before hurling accusations of purported climate abuse, gets a lecture for his own abuse of the climate via his lavish lifestyle and his 'mega-toys.'

No doubt, there are many more privileged global elites who deserve to be labelled as 'hypocritical climate/environmental abusers,' a.k.a. 'pesky climate hustlers.' 🤔

* UPDATE Aug. 2...

So, yes, there are more hypocritical 'pesky climate hustlers'...10 of whom are identified in this article.

What's wrong with these people? 😟

* UPDATE Aug. 11...

Perhaps the following article explains the volatile, large-scale whipsaw price action of markets this year...the schizo push-pull swings between DM status (developed market status) versus EM status (emerging market status) within a variety of world markets, including the U.S.

So, what's the real status of any market? And, who gets to make those decisions?

If I were to hazard a guess...and, in a perfect world...I'd say it's anyone who controls the value and amount of money supply, as well as how well it's managed and invested for the future growth and benefit of the whole (the whole being a country's citizens).

However, since no one seems to be that altruistic and consistent in their thinking and actions, we're stuck with imperfect messaging (political spins and lies) and markets that trade on such 'massaged and fluid messaging'...but, which are also subject to real shocks and wild swings, regardless of their perceived (and fluid) DM/EM status.

So, plan your trade (within your timeframe)
and trade your plan.

* UPDATE Aug. 21...

Will that be CASH or CRASH?

Perhaps CASH is the safest way to go for the foreseeable future, inasmuch as holding CASH can also be part or all of your trading plan, depending on your risk tolerances within your trading timeframe and trading style (e.g., day trader, short-term swing trader, medium-term position trader, or long-term investor).

N.B. More information on weakness in world markets can be found here (regarding the SPX).