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Friday, July 22, 2022

U.S. Jan. 6th Committee Evidence Suppressed...Favourable to Former President Trump

If the following evidence ever sees the light of day in Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Committee's hearings -- especially the televised ones -- I'll be shocked, because it proves that former President Trump had tried, days in advance, to prevent violence from occurring, but was undermined by subordinates and political operatives who refused to follow his orders to ensure that adequate security was provided at the Capitol that day in 2021, as the Senate was reviewing and certifying the results of the 2020 elections.

By the way, who is conducting the cross-examinations in the hearings? Oh, wait...no such persons are allowed on the Committee! Why not? Because it's completely and blatantly biased and political, that's why!

Their one-sided partisan hearings are a sham, pure political theatrics, and without merit...and should be exposed as such. However, I doubt that the biased liberal mainstream media will ever do such an honourable thing.

Where's the justice in the Committee's prejudiced proceedings, as it appears they are trying to unduly influence/skew public opinion against Donald Trump, Republicans, and even their supporters/voters before the November mid-term elections by questionable political means?

Memory refresh...Trump administration's accomplishments.

ZeroHedge excerpt

ZeroHedge excerpt

USCPJan.6Timeline by Zerohedge Janitor

* UPDATE Aug. 8...

Joe Biden must be awfully worried about former President Trump's power and popularity with Republican voters in order to seemingly sic his FBI on Trump, inasmuch as they conducted an unannounced pre-dawn raid today on his Florida residence and even broke into his safe.

To raid a former President's home is unprecedented in the history of the United States and appears politically motivated, since this could unduly influence or interfere with the outcome of the upcoming mid-term elections...as well as the 2024 Presidential election...including Trump's potential run for President for a second term.

They've been spying on and hounding him since before he was even elected in 2016...when will this harassment stop!

N.B. 👉 As long as Joe Biden can ensure that all eyes are kept on Donald Trump with speculations and allegations of potential wrong-doings, he will provide distractions away from the multiple messes he's created under his own Presidency during the past year and a half...including the realization that he's turned the United States into a Third-World Banana Republic!

We'll see what happens if Republicans take back the House in the mid-term elections...Americans deserve answers from the DOJ AG and FBI Director!

In the meantime, perhaps President Trump should have a thorough sweep conducted of his home for bugs, before he returns from his travels...remember "Russiagate," et al? 🤔

* UPDATE Aug. 10...

So, Nancy Pelosi confirmed what we all thought...the January 6th Committee hearings have simply been a  "narrative" sham...one-sided, badly-acted political theatrics, designed to skew information in order to dirty up a potential 2024 Presidential candidate, while wasting taxpayers' dollars in her vendetta against Donald Trump, rather than uncover and present unbiased facts to the public in their entirety.

However, it doesn't look like Americans bought what she was selling!

So, who looks foolish, untrustworthy and undeserving of the Speakership now?

* UPDATE Aug. 10...

More details emerge regarding the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Trump's residence..including former First Lady Melania Trump's wardrobe. 👀

The FBI and DOJ have a lot to answer for, in what appears to be a heavy-handed operation. 

Democrats and Republicans have many questions on the legitimacy of the raid.

So, did they 'plant' stuff (evidence and/or bugs)???

Americans are understandably sceptical of:

We'll see how cooperative the DOJ will be with this magistrate judge's order to unseal the FBI's warrant.

If they're not, who will hold them accountable?

* UPDATE Aug. 11...

AG Merrick Garland held a brief press conference today to announce he was unsealing the warrant and list of items taken in the raid by the FBI, but the reasons and justifications behind the raid remain unanswered, as he took no questions from reporters.

Where this all goes from here is anyone's guess.

* UPDATE Aug 12...

The warrant and list of items removed from former President Trump's residence are detailed in the following article...however, Americans still don't know the reasons behind the warrant and raid, as the DOJ has not authorized the release of the affidavit.

No doubt, this will trigger all kinds of wild speculation, conspiracy theories, and accusations in the media. 👀

However, until all facts become known, it will continue to be just speculation and people gambling with the truth.

Let's hope it doesn't take another seven years for the truth to come out on this matter, as it did (and has), before, during, and following President Trump's first term in office in connection with "Russiagate!"

In fact, Americans are still waiting for the conclusion and final report (the rest of the truth) from Special Counsel John Durham's investigation in this regard!

More information is revealed in the following report, which asserts that President Trump had the full authority to declassify any document and for any reason

This is corroborated by Trump's Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, as described in this article.

So, that being the case, why the warrant and the raid, if it wasn't politically motivated?

There are many questions, and Americans are puzzled by the DOJ's and FBI's motives and actions, in this regard.

* UPDATE Aug. 15...

Of course the DOJ objected...they're opposed to complete transparency, but happy to dangle some tidbits of information, so that people can speculate wildly and potentially taint or prejudice public opinion and any future court action/decisions that may emanate from all of this. 

In fact, the wild speculation has already begun, and even a former CIA director is calling for President Trump to be executed

This is escalating into a dangerous and reckless situation and needs to be cooled immediately!

Has the DOJ already tainted or prejudiced the justification for the raid, and, by extension, their entire operation or investigation, by releasing and making public some of their material documentation (warrant and list of items taken in the raid), but not the remainder (affidavit and supporting documents)? If so, does this not put their finger on the scale of justice against President Trump?

How would the Supreme Court react to all of this if it ever reached that level? Perhaps that's why the DOJ hasn't made any arrests of the participants in the illegal protests still ongoing in front of the Justice's homes and their houses of worship, etc., which, by the way, are supported and even encouraged by President Biden, and which are meant to intimidate and influence them in their decision-making.

* UPDATE Aug. 17...

Perhaps the following article explains the seemingly inexplicable, biased, heavy-handed, bizarre, chaotic and unprecedented actions taken by AG Garland's DOJ against former President Trump, his lawyers, former cabinet members and advisors, his supporters, and Rebublican members of Congress, pertaining to a variety of matters over the past year and half.

If true, then WHO is actually in charge of the DOJ? If the public doesn't know, then how can he/she/they (the invisible force) ever be held accountable by voters? 

And, if Merrick Garland has any integrity in fulfilling his sworn oath of office as the DOJ AG, but is allowing that leadership role to be undermined, suppressed or usurped, why wouldn't he resign as a matter of principle and fiduciary duty to the nation?