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Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Subversion of Women By Joe Biden's 'Woke' White House

I dedicate this post in memory of my dear Mom, who devoted her life to helping and advancing young women throughout her long and humble career.

The irony I laid out in my post of January 23 seems fitting, inasmuch as President Biden's White House has now replaced "mother" with "birthing person"...allegedly to be 'more inclusive' to people.

"Truly, the greatest trick the patriarchy has ever pulled was convincing liberals that stripping women of the things that make them unique to appease trans men is somehow the progressive and 'inclusive' thing to do." -- Washington Examiner

This goes hand-in-glove with Biden's support of biological boys and men being allowed to compete in girls and women's' sports...and to enter and use girls and women's bathrooms and locker rooms. 

This is very insulting, disrespectful, demeaning, misogynistic, sexist, subverting, cruel, and dangerous to girls and women, in my opinion. Are they trying to wipe out women's existence altogether, with all of their 'woke gender-neutral' terminology and policies


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Twitter profile still refers to her as a mother and grandmother, 
  • Joe Biden's profile refers to him as a husband, father and grandfather, 
  • Jill Biden's profile refers to her as a mother, grandmother and wife, and 
  • Kamala Harris' profile refers to her as a wife, momala and auntie. 

So, what gives? Why the hypocrisy? 

In the name of equality, will "father" be replaced by "sperm vessel?" 😒

This idiocy should be called out for what it is...the perversion/bastardization of the English language

Women and girls are not robots! How dare they pull these subversive stunts!

By the way, at what point does this nonsense become a national security threat?

But wait...there's more...thanks to various assertions made by Democrats over the years...

Somebody else has noticed that Democrats are trying to erase "women"...

So, why hasn't Merriam-Webster redefined "male?" 🤔 What a sexist slap in the face to women! And, why aren't so-called feminists speaking out against this crap?

It's clear that the Democrat party is a patriarchy, hell-bent on debasing women, based on the following stupid and cruel nonsense...😕