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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Part II : Joe Biden's Presidential Survival


N.B. This post is a continuation of my lengthy article, "How Long Can President Biden Survive in 'Survival Mode?'" (Part I), which provides extensive background information, data and links to public articles.


* See UPDATE below...

The MSCI World Index has been in freefall since January, as shown on the following monthly chart.

Major support sits at 2000, while longer-term supports lies at 1600.

Threats of world-wide recession are looming, as described in the following article...

ZeroHedge excerpt

The following posts provide further details and warnings in this regard:

Trade with caution!

The U.S. is now in a technical recession...but the hucksters  (including President Biden) would have you believe that technical data doesn't matter and that everything is rosy...

The following sums up the current chaotic state of affairs...choose your definition and place your bets accordingly, if you dare. 😏

ZeroHedge excerpt

* UPDATE July 29...

Nice to know that America is not experiencing famine...White House gobbledegook blatant lies have gotten even more bizarre! 😕

Joe Biden and his cronies are completely tone-deaf and just don't care about Americans

Consumers are experiencing stress, not confidence, in Biden's economy...

Oh, look...more examples of Democrat hypocrisy...👀

More scandals surface in Joe's FBI...targeting Americans, including parents of school children.

Reminder of Joe's soft-on-China policies...why, if his own FBI has testified before Congress, warning that China is America's biggest threat?

Time's running out for Joe to right the entire mess that he created.

* UPDATE Aug. 1...

Of course the U.S. is in a recession (or a "banana" as was sarcastically called during former President Jimmy Carter's recession, because he forbade the usage of that term).

If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. 😏

ZeroHedge excerpt

* UPDATE Aug. 5...

The actual facts behind today's jobs numbers and labour market...(it's not pretty)...

ZeroHedge excerpt

Charts don't sugarcoat reality lie.

So, brace yourselves...the next leg down in equities may be just around the corner.

Source: SlopeCharts

* UPDATE Aug. 8...

Congratulations, Joe...you've succeeced in enriching the wealthy, once again, while screwing the middle and lower class...😕



* UPDATE Aug. 8...

Joe Biden must be awfully worried about former President Trump's power and popularity with Republican voters in order to seemingly sic his FBI on Trump, inasmuch as they conducted an unannounced pre-dawn raid today on his Florida residence and even broke into his safe.

To raid a former President's home is unprecedented in the history of the United States and appears politically motivated, since this could unduly influence or interfere with the outcome of the upcoming mid-term elections...as well as the 2024 Presidential election...including Trump's potential run for President for a second term.

They've been spying on and hounding him since before he was even elected in 2016...when will this harassment stop!

N.B. 👉 As long as Joe Biden can ensure that all eyes are kept on Donald Trump with speculations and allegations of potential wrong-doings, he will provide distractions away from the multiple messes he's created under his own Presidency during the past year and a half...including the realization that he's turned the United States into a Third-World Banana Republic!

We'll see what happens if Republicans take back the House in the mid-term elections...Americans deserve answers from the DOJ AG and FBI Director!

In the meantime, perhaps President Trump should have a thorough sweep conducted of his home for bugs, before he returns from his travels...remember "Russiagate," et al? 🤔

* UPDATE Aug. 10...

More details emerge regarding the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Trump's residence..including former First Lady Melania Trump's wardrobe. 👀

The FBI and DOJ have a lot to answer for, in what appears to be a heavy-handed operation...Democrats and Republicans have many questions on the legitimacy of the raid...so, did they 'plant' stuff (evidence and/or bugs)???

Americans are understandably sceptical of:

  • these institutions, based on their past politically-biased and bad conduct (against Donald Trump and his team) pertaining to the whole debacle (some of which are described in this article) involving the 'Alfa Bank Hoax,' Hillary Clinton's 'Steele Dossier,' FISA Court warrants, 'Crossfire Hurricane,' the entire 'Russia Hoax,' and the Mueller investigation, as well as,
  • Congress and Nancy Pelosi's two underhanded and unsuccessful attempts to have him impeached (he was impeached by the House, but NOT convicted by the Senate), and
  • Pelosi's underhanded and partisan January 6th Committee hearings.

We'll see how cooperative the DOJ will be with this magistrate judge's order to unseal the FBI's warrant.

If they're not, who will hold them accountable?

* UPDATE Aug. 11...

AG Merrick Garland held a brief press conference today to announce he was unsealing the warrant and list of items taken in the raid by the FBI, but the reasons and justifications behind the raid remain unanswered, as he took no questions from reporters.

Where this all goes from here is anyone's guess.

* UPDATE Aug 12...

The warrant and list of items removed from former President Trump's residence are detailed in the following article...however, Americans still don't know the reasons behind the warrant and raid, as the DOJ has not authorized the release of the affidavit.

No doubt, this will trigger all kinds of wild speculation, conspiracy theories, and accusations in the media. 👀

However, until all facts become known, it will continue to be just speculation and people gambling with the truth.

Let's hope it doesn't take another seven years for the truth to come out on this matter, as it did (and has), before, during, and following President Trump's first term in office in connection with "Russiagate!"

In fact, Americans are still waiting for the conclusion and final report (the rest of the truth) from Special Counsel John Durham's investigation in this regard!

More information is revealed in the following report, which asserts that President Trump had the full authority to declassify any document and for any reason.

So, that being the case, why the warrant and the raid, if it wasn't politically motivated?

There are many questions, and Americans are puzzled by the DOJ's and FBI's motives and actions, in this regard.

N.B. Further developing information on this subject can be found at this link.



* UPDATE Aug. 11...

Perhaps the following article explains the volatile, large-scale whipsaw price action of markets this year...the schizo push-pull swings between DM status (developed market status) versus EM status (emerging market status) within a variety of world markets, including the U.S.

So, what's the real status of any market? And, who gets to make those decisions?

If I were to hazard a guess...and, in a perfect world...I'd say it's anyone who controls the value and amount of money supply, as well as how well it's managed and invested for the future growth and benefit of the whole (the whole being a country's citizens).

However, since no one seems to be that altruistic and consistent in their thinking and actions, we're stuck with imperfect messaging (political spins and lies) and markets that trade on such 'massaged and fluid messaging'...but, which are also subject to real shocks and wild swings, regardless of their perceived (and fluid) sometimes-DM-sometimes-EM status.

So, plan your trade (within your timeframe)
and trade your plan.

WOW...another example of Joe Biden's Third-World Banana Republic...this time, involving the IRS.

Just how dangerous does he think American taxpayers are?

What would merit doubling the size of the IRS with armed agents?

What could possibly go wrong??? 🤔

ZeroHedge excerpt

* UPDATE Aug. 12...

Everyone sees what politicians have tried to cover up for several years...scary times!

* UPDATE Aug. 20...

As if spending $1.2 Trillion on Joe Biden's so-called Infrastructure bill wasn't enough pain inflicted on taxpayers last November, they will have to cough up another $500,000 to pay for the construction of a wall around his Delaware private beach house.

Meanwhile, he refuses to finish constructing the wall along the southern border to secure the safety of all Americans.

And, Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi has shelved a bill to provide extra badly-needed funding for police forces around the country...so that Democrats could double the size of the IRS and begin their Green New Deal agenda, while taxing Americans another $739 Billion.

Democrats could care less about your safety and security...or your quest to survive on an adequate income!

Selfish and hypocritical, no? 🤔

* UPDATE Aug. 21...

Score ONE POINT for Americans and ZERO POINTS for President Biden in his unsuccessful attempt at deploying executive overreach tactics to hamstring fossil fuel exploration and production and, thereby, drive up energy costs for the public.

Why is he so anxious to bankrupt Americans and deplete the country of cheap and realiable energy sources readily available in the country?

* UPDATE Aug. 25...

It seems to me that DOJ Inspector General Horowitz has a job to do -- that of conducting oversight of the DOJ and reporting back his findings any time he's requested to do so, on any matter and at any time, by members of Congress -- regardless of whether or not the department is in the midst of an investigation.

* UPDATE Aug. 27...

Perhaps the following article explains Joe Biden's (and his elitist cronies' and political affiliates') bizarre and nonsensical behaviours and actions, pompous rants and assertions, as well as borderline tyrannical political policies.

HINT...members of this "pedigree" are not very bright and belong to a lazy and arrogant class of society, who've propagated various forms of fractured anarchy to create much misery and disjointed chaos among the "unwashed masses" over the years.

However, people are on to them...and the pretentious, pontificating poseurs don't like it.

Watch your wallet and make sure your vote is secure! 👀

* UPDATE Aug. 28...

The following report summarizes the actions taken by the Biden administration and Democrats to ruin America and the lives and livelihoods of Americans since assuming power in January 2021...it's not pretty! 😕

* UPDATE Aug. 30...

It looks as though the EU is in the midst of growing dis-unity, and that the "easy" and "prolific" lifestyles of Europeans has fractured and is in jeopardy of a massive rug-pull, possibly to the point of no return.

And, the U.S. may not be far behind, as it digs itself further into debt at breakneck speed with no clear path of redemption, under Joe Biden's reckless and prolific spending actions.

The following article poses interesting questions about the FBI, social media companies, Hunter Biden's laptop, and the 2020 presidential election.

* UPDATE Aug. 31...

Joe Biden is destroying his own country's economy with his new laws.

Why? 🤔

None of his actions, to date, have made any sense, whatsoever!

Things have gotten out of control in American politics and the intelligence agencies over the past six years...with no signs of improving...and people are noticing.

* UPDATE Sept. 1...

No kidding! 😕

Just one of many blatant lies uttered from that podium...no doubt, there will be many more public displays of wilful ignorance and deception from the Biden administration.

And, anyone (e.g., the mainstream media) who repeats those lies and tries to pass them off as the gospel truth is a fool.

Woopsie...President Biden's White House has been illegally suppressing free speech via social media companies and is facing a lawsuit filed by several state AGs.

What's next??? 👀

* UPDATE Sept. 2...

WOW...what a bitter and deranged political speech that an angry Joe Biden mostly shouted at the nation last night, in front of a blood-red backdrop!

And, the "Divider-in-Chief" illegally used the military flanking him as props, presumably to intimidate anyone who opposes him and his policies!

Scary stuff, if that's the dictatorial road he and his administration are going down! This goes hand-in-glove with his suppression of free speech, mentioned in the article above.🤔

Why was CNN trying to "soften" the dark image of a ranting Biden...what do they have to gain...do they endorse (and advocate for) his dictatorial agenda???

Why have they been shills for him since Day One? 

Isn't it about time they "grow a pair" and start covering him accurately and impartially, instead of acting like rabid lapdogs of his White House?

And, since Biden cannot brag about his achievements, so far, he's chosen, instead, to berate all Americans who oppose his agenda. 

The stock markets have erased all of their gains made since January 20, 2021, when he took office as President.

So, he's even ruined that segment of America with his prolific and debt-ridden spending packages.

The national debt owed per taxpayer is nearly $245,000 and rising by the nano-second.

* UPDATE Sept. 3...

With more bad news for workers and about-to-be-homeless Americans, the President should get busy and concentrate on fixing his broken economy (of his own making), instead of wasting his time demonizing half the country!

In the meantime, it seems that Joe's fond of red!


* UPDATE Sept. 4...

Sounds about right...Biden has been fond of blaming Trump and Republicans (including their voters) for everything since he took office (including his deadly withdrawal retreat from Afghanistan), so I see no reason for him to stop his lies about, or take ownership of, all of his failures after the midterms.

It's a nasty, bullying and cowardly political tacic that is plain for all to see.

* UPDATE Sept. 5...

Looks like Biden hasn't got a clue what he says from one day to the next! 

How could you trust this "Flip-Flopper-In-Chief?"

* UPDATE Sept. 6...

LOL...what a narcissist!

* UPDATE Sept. 8...

The court case is proceeding...

* UPDATE Sept. 13...

Bad (inflation) news today for Joe Biden...

The total lack of any brain power in the Biden administration is shocking!...

More dumb stuff from the Biden administration...

Spot on!...

ZeroHedge excerpt

* UPDATE Sept. 14...

PPI is still running hot...

* UPDATE Sept. 16...


ZeroHedge excerpt

WOW....so, what else has Joe Biden been inflating, besides inflation?...

N.B. So, "NIMBY" is 'alive and well' in Martha's Vineyard, part-time home to Barack and Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, where mostly-white mansion-dwelling Democrat elitist residents of this sanctuary city ejected all 50 illegal immigrants from their island paradise and shipped them out (within 48 hours of their arrival) via the National Guard...so much for their purported welcoming of immigrants! 

What a bunch of whining, insipid, snivelling, hypocritical snobs and racists! 😕 

Democrats are getting a taste of their own bitter medicine...and they can't handle it!

The open-border crisis is entirely Joe Biden's fault, which he refuses to fix...4 million unvetted illegal aliens (including 300,000 unaccompanied children) and 900,000 "got-aways" have already invaded via the wide-open southern border since he took office, and he's been busy flying and busing them to many of the states in the middle of the night, unnanounced beforehand to local officials, and dumping them there! 78 suspected terrorists have been caught crossing the border illegally in the past year!

What a calossal national security threat he's been creating by his reckless actions, which have encouraged cross-border human trafficking, rape and abuse of women and children, narcotics smuggling, as well as thousands of migrant deaths during their trecherous journeys from 160 different countries, etc.! 😕

* UPDATE Sept. 19...

So, there were, in fact, jobs and accommodation available, yet the 50 illegal migrants were still kicked out of, and taken away from, Martha's Vineyard.

Why? 🤔

* UPDATE Sept. 20...

And, so, as they say, "It's the economy, stupid!" -- something that President Biden continues to exacerbate with his prolific spending packages...his latest being student debt relief, estimated between $500 Billion to $1 Trillion!

* UPDATE Sept. 21...

Everyone sees the elephant in the room (the "influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden and the Biden family")...except Democrats and the mainstream media continue to pretend it's not there.

We'll see what happens if when Republicans regain a majority in the House and Senate after this November's midterm elections...no doubt we'll see some fireworks!

ZeroHedge excerpt

N.B. Due to the length of this post, you can continue to read updates at this link ("Part III: Joe Biden's Battle For Presidential Survival").