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Saturday, July 17, 2021

That's What Doctors Are For 😏

Why would you take your medical advice from social media sites, such as Facebook, when that's what your family doctors are for? 

Whether or not you should receive a COVID-19 vaccine is a private matter that is best discussed with your own doctor (who is familiar with your medical history).

That's what the Biden administration should be recommending and pursuing...not the policing and censoring of 'opinions' posted by every 'Tom, Dick and Harry' on those sites!

By the way, if you're wondering why people may be skeptical of taking a vaccine, take a look at this Twitter thread of past tweets when everyone from Joe Biden to Bill Gates (and, especially, the media) were questioning and/or denouncing it (simply because it was being developed by the drug companies during former President Trump's administration as part of their 'Operation Warp Speed' program)...none of whom ever did thank him for leading this monumental effort to combat this 'frankenvirus.'

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

SPX: Dead Cat Bounce?

* See UPDATE below...

A bit of humour provided while waiting for the SPX to roll over...

The diverging RSI, MACD, and PMO indicators, as well as the ratio price, on the SPX:VIX ratio are not confirming the rally in the SPX (from June 21)...something I reported on in my post of June 20...so, I'm thinking this latest rally may be a 'dead cat bounce,' and about to turn around. 

However, as we know, markets have a habit of baiting, trapping and surprising.

So, we'll see what happens, and whether traders are at all bothered by inflation data.

* UPDATE July 19...

If the ratio price remains below the 200 MA, look out below for the SPX...the 'dead cat bounce' is playing out nicely with the recent plunge in the SPX.

Major supports sits at 4000 on the SPX...and 100 on the SPX:VIX ratio.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

REMINDER: Changes To My Blog E-mail Subscription Service Begin in July

N.B. To my Blog readers who receive my new posts via e-mail, please be advised that Google's E-mail FeedBurner Subscription service will cease to be provided and you will no longer receive them via email, beginning in July.

Instead, feel free to bookmark my Blog address and check in daily to read any new articles that I may have posted, as well as any updates I may have added to previous ones.

My appologies for any inconvenience in this regard. Your loyalty over the years is appreciated. 😊

N.B. To the editors of those websites who publish my articles on their sites, you will continue to automatically receive them via FeedBurner Subscription, as usual.

Many thanks to all who've supported my Blog over the years, in one way or another. 😊

Candy Matheson

Strawberry Blonde's Market Summary

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spectacular Political Flip-Flop Faux-Pas Moments...Brought To You By U.S. Senate Democrats

This video speaks for itself...

How does this instil public trust in President Joe Biden and the Democrat party?

* UPDATE June 26...

More flip-flopping brought to you by Biden, himself, in the form of a nasty bait-and-switch rug-pull against Republicans, who bargained in good faith on this bipartisan proposal on infrastructure...why would any self-respecting Republican vote in favour of this, or any other bill, when this is likely not the last incident we'll see of his unethical antics? 

This is a classic 'Lucy-and-football-yank' moment...how many times will Republicans fall for (and, even, support/enable) his untrustworthy political tricks?

President Biden is definitely not the Uniter-in-Chief he claimed he'd be on behalf of all Americans in his inauguration speech in January...quite the contrary. 

Americans are the losers under his erratic policy decisions, thus far.

Another example of unethical behaviour...an effort to strong-arm a social media company into suppressing (Conservative) speech before the election. While Facebook didn't suppress former President Trump's speech prior to the election, they, subsequently, banned him from their platform...however, they did suppress other Conservative accounts before and after...as did other social media platforms.

Is this legal? Also, is this an (ongoing) 'in-kind contribution' from Facebook, et al, to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, firstly, and, subsequently, President Biden (from January 20 to present day)? And/or, are these social media companies acting as a media arm of the government (Democrats) and, therefore, possibly subject to free-speech suppression law suits?

Source: ZeroHedge

Monday, June 21, 2021

Biden's 'PPT' Activated?

Has President Biden's 'Plunge Protection Team' been summoned to the White House to activate measures to combat the threat of market weakness...which arose in equity markets modestly last week, as shown on the following weekly chart of the Dow 30?

In the grand scheme of things, this drop is a mere blip, as shown on the monthly chart below.

If true, it's too bad that Biden doesn't spend his time to micro-manage the southern border crisis that he created, instead...and allow the 'free' markets to carry on freely, without political interference.

Sunday, June 20, 2021


Further to my post of June 11, the SPX:VIX ratio has drop to just above the 200 level...a major resistance/support level, as shown on the daily ratio chart below.

This follows a recent new swing high in price to just above 250. Ratio price has failed, repeatedly, to remain above 250 over the years.

All three technical indicators, RSI, MACD and PMO, formed divergences on this latest price swing high, hinting at ensuing price weakness. After making a new all-time high of 4257.16 on June 15, the SPX dropped sharply and closed at 4166.45 on Friday.

Furthermore, the RSI has dropped below 50, and the MACD and PMO have formed bearish crossovers, all signalling further weakness ahead.

A drop and hold below 200 could send the SPX down to around 4100, or lower to 4000...particularly if the ratio drops and holds below its next support level of 150 (the 200 MA sits at 173.43, so failure of price to hold that level will see major selling follow in the SPX).

Major historical support on the ratio sits at 100, which, up until the year 2000, represented major resistance during the 1990s. A drop and hold below that level would likely result in panic selling in the SPX, as we saw during the 2008/09 financial crisis [refer to the longer-timeframe monthly chart of the SPX (with SPX:VIX ratio displayed in histogram format) shown in my above-mentioned post for context].

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Subversion of Women By Joe Biden's 'Woke' Whitehouse

I dedicate this post in memory of my dear Mom, who devoted her life to helping and advancing young women throughout her long and humble career.

The irony I laid out in my post of January 23 seems fitting, inasmuch as President Biden's White House has now replaced "mother" with "birthing person"...allegedly to be 'more inclusive' to people.

"Truly, the greatest trick the patriarchy has ever pulled was convincing liberals that stripping women of the things that make them unique to appease trans men is somehow the progressive and 'inclusive' thing to do." -- Washington Examiner

This goes hand-in-glove with Biden's support of biological boys and men being allowed to compete in girls and women's' sports...and to enter and use girls and women's bathrooms and locker rooms. 

This is very disrespectful, demeaning, misogynistic, sexist, subverting, cruel, and dangerous to girls and women, in my opinion. Are they trying to wipe out women's existence altogether, with all of their 'woke gender-neutral' terminology and policies


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Twitter profile still refers to her as a mother and grandmother, 
  • Joe Biden's profile refers to him as a husband, father and grandfather, 
  • Jill Biden's profile refers to her as a mother, grandmother and wife, and 
  • Kamala Harris' profile refers to her as a wife, momala and auntie. 

So, what gives? Why the hypocrisy? 

In the name of equality, will "father" be replaced by "sperm vessel?" 😒

This idiocy should be called out for what it is...the perversion/bastardization of the English language

Women and girls are not robots! How dare they pull these subversive stunts!

By the way, at what point does this nonsense become a national security threat?

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Inflation...Transitory Or Permanent? HINT: Bubblegum

* See UPDATES below...

I don't wish to be rude or flippant, but it seems that the big takeaway from the question/study of economic inflation theory -- Is it 'transitory' or permanent? -- is that:
  1. Economic theory is irrelevant.
  2. There are factors affecting inflation.
  3. But these factors are unpredictable.
  4. So, inflation projection could go up or down on a variety of modelling scenarios.
My 2 cents' worth...The days of buying "Dubble Bubble" bubblegum with FREE Comics & Fortunes for 1 cent during the 1920's are long gone...Check out Walmart's price now...

So, I'd say that inflation will keep rising over the coming months and years. The U.S. National Debt is not going to shrink or disappear; rather, it's accelerating, thanks to out-of-control spending by Washington and the White House. Check out the cost of bubblegum this time next year, and see.

Bubblegum...a good inflation gauge, no? 😏

By the way, at what level does inflation become a national security threat?


Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE June 16...

The Fed seems to be waking up to the notion that inflation may not, in fact, be 'transitory' as they've been vigorously proclaiming for the past several months...although, "two rate hikes by the end of 2023" may be too little, too late.

Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE June 25...

To bolster the idea that inflation may not be 'transitory,' there's this...

Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE July 13...

Yes, inflation is still here...and supersized...as per CPI data released today...

Source: ZeroHedge

Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE July 14...

More inflation-confirming numbers (PPI & Core PPI) released today...

Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE July 21...

SB's "Weekend Bits & Bites" 😏

Stay cool...😎

Isn't it about time that Joe switched from 'club-flavoured' ice cream...

Source: ZeroHedge

...to this?

If not in President Macron's 'G7 old-cronies club,' at least former President Trump was loyal to and achieved many victories for the American people during his four years in office. (Perhaps Macron was still smarting from the slap on the face he received the other day by a fellow countryman.😒)

The Trump administration accomplishments can be found, in their entirety, at this archived link...an impressive feat during only a four-year presidency.

* UPDATE June 16...

The Geneva, Switzerland U.S./Russia 'sunglasses' summit took place today between President Biden and President Putin...where it was merely a 'talk about more talks.'

So, what gifts did Putin get from Biden?...sunglasses, a pipeline to Europe, sanctions lifted, a return of Russian diplomats to the U.S., a list of 16 U.S. critical infrastructure entities that are 'off-limits' to cyberattack by Russia (does that mean that everything else not on the list is OK to be attacked?...bizarre!), and the opportunity to answer dozens of questions from reporters and spew his propoganda on international TV for 55 minutes at the conclusion of the summit without challenge by Biden, because he wasn't at that solo press conference! Why not, Joe?

What gifts did Biden get from Putin?...nothing...and the 'privilege' of being the 'second act' to Putin in his 20-minute scripted solo press conference that followed, taking pre-screened questions from only 5 reporters...and the humiliation of being the 'bridesmaid,' not the 'bride.'