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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spectacular Political Flip-Flop Faux-Pas Moments...Brought To You By U.S. Senate Democrats

This video speaks for itself...

How does this instil public trust in President Joe Biden and the Democrat party?

* UPDATE June 26...

More flip-flopping brought to you by Biden, himself, in the form of a nasty bait-and-switch rug-pull against Republicans, who bargained in good faith on this bipartisan proposal on infrastructure...why would any self-respecting Republican vote in favour of this, or any other bill, when this is likely not the last incident we'll see of his unethical antics? 

This is a classic 'Lucy-and-football-yank' moment...how many times will Republicans fall for (and, even, support/enable) his untrustworthy political tricks?

President Biden is definitely not the Uniter-in-Chief he claimed he'd be on behalf of all Americans in his inauguration speech in January...quite the contrary. 

Americans are the losers under his erratic policy decisions, thus far.

Another example of unethical behaviour...an effort to strong-arm a social media company into suppressing (Conservative) speech before the election. While Facebook didn't suppress former President Trump's speech prior to the election, they, subsequently, banned him from their platform...however, they did suppress other Conservative accounts before and after...as did other social media platforms.

Is this legal? Also, is this an (ongoing) 'in-kind contribution' from Facebook, et al, to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, firstly, and, subsequently, President Biden (from January 20 to present day)? And/or, are these social media companies acting as a media arm of the government (Democrats) and, therefore, possibly subject to free-speech suppression law suits?

Source: ZeroHedge