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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Money Flow In Markets Year-To-Date

* See UPDATE below...

The following graphs show which segments of the markets have been the most favoured year-to-date.

With Gold flat for the year, it makes me wonder about the timing of President Macron's remarks today, and whether he has a particular buyer waiting in the wings ready to snap Gold up at 'bargain' prices. 🤔

It's currently sitting just above a minor support level of 1900, with major support lower at 1800, as shown on the monthly chart below.

Any buying spree may not happen until Gold dropped to1800, but we'll see if there's any pick up in interest anywhere in between minor and major support any time soon.

Perhaps we'll see some large holder of Bitcoin suddenly dump his/her shares, resulting in a plunge to 20,000 (see my post of May 20 for details), in order to fund a large purchase of Gold

However, this is just wild speculation on my part, but worth watching both of these, nonetheless.

Source: ZeroHedge

* UPDATE June 15...

In light of the obversations/scenario described in the following article, maybe my speculation about a 'buyer on tap' for Gold (the IMF?), as well as Bitcoin's possible demise, was not so wild after all. But, such a 'plan' is not without hurdles, complicated by a multitude of variables and players, as you'll see...and may take many months or years to achieve. 

Although, to cut through all of these hurdles in the near term, such a plan may include a 'non-political middle-man buyer-and-holder of Gold'...one who is also holding a sizable chunk of Bitcoin. If world-wide stagflation or a recession is on the horizon and if a borrowing drought from banks becomes rampant world-wide, perhaps a cartel of major banks will become this 'middle player.' 

In fact, such an interim move by a 'banking cartel' may stem the bleed from the fallout of an ugly scenario that I posited in my post of April 10.

Hint...who's talking up Bitcoin, while dissing Gold these days...in a lead up to this possibility?

In any event, I'll leave my wild speculation as a wild speculation...for now...until I see such a 'plan' begin to materialize, which may, first, show up in intermittent volatile price action on their respective charts.

Source: ZeroHedge