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Thursday, July 29, 2021

What Jerome Powell Really Said 😕 PLUS Other Stuff


Inflation is up. We don't know how long it will keep going up. At some point it will stop. But, prices will not go back down. 😕

LOL...that's his definition of 'transitory!'

Say goodbye to lower and middle-class America and small business owners...trying to recover from the world-wide crippling pandemic in the midst of all this rising inflation

Meanwhile, Joe Biden recklessly spends trillions of tax-payers' dollars on his pet projects, while encouraging the non-stop flow of COVID-positive (estimated to be 100,000 who are COVID-infected), disease-ridden, unmasked and unvaccinated illegal immigrants from all over the world to flood across the open southern border (over one million from 161 countries, so far, this year PLUS thousands of 'got-aways') and be transported by air or bus into unknown (undisclosed/secret) destinations in various states in America, while insisting that Americans get vaccinated and mask up again...and pay for all the costs associated with this mass migration process, including the care and housing of these illegals!

No wonder some members of Congress are fed up with all of this nonsense...I wonder why all of them aren't fed up and speaking out? Don't they care about their constituents?

In fact, why are any Republicans participating in any negotiations on any of Biden's legislative bills in the Senate (e.g., infrustructure) BEFORE insisting that he fix his border crisis, including finishing building the wall? How do they think they'll ever get a handle on ending the COVID pandemic until their southern border is secured, as it was when President Trump left office in January?

Biden completely wiped out all of Trump's border policies, even though they were working! How is that a smart or responsible action by the President, who is supposed to be in charge of national security and ending the COVID pandemic, and why is he ignoring those duties??? 😕

At what point do President Biden's executive orders and policies become a dereliction of duty and a national security threat?

The southern border mess...

Source: ZeroHedge

Masks off...masks on. Mask guidance has been flip-flopping since Day One of the pandemic...

We'll see if politicians are held accountable by voters during the 2022 midterm election...and the 2024 Presidential election

I wouldn't count on the Democrats and Biden holding onto power...who are more interested in stoking racism against Jewish, Asian and Caucasian Americans and turning a blind eye to out-of-control violent riots and rampant crime sprees and murders that have been plaguing hundreds of cities across America since the summer of 2020, while their Mayors defund the police and their District Attorneys and prosecutors fail to incarcerate and prosecute these criminals (who continue to commit more horrific crimes), as well as Judges who fail to sentence criminals accordingly. Kamala Harris (Senator at the time) even urged people to donate to a bail fund for rioters last summer!

Seriously...what the hell is wrong with all of these politicians! It seems they're lying when they agree to uphold the laws when they're sworn into office following their election.

God help Americans and protect their security, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to which they're entitled under their Constitution...because it seems as though Joe doesn't want that job after all.

By the way, is anyone concerned about the negative impact that disposable masks are creating on the environment (especially what they're doing to our lungs as we breathe in their fibers and any bacteria that collects on their surface and impede breathing by those affected with lung diseases)?

All Americans will continue to be muzzled (masked) forever and their health jeopardized, until the southern border is closed and properly secured to stop the inflow of millions of diseased illegal aliens who are carrying new, and potentially deadlier, COVID variants from their countries of origin.

President Biden has the power to put an end to this reckless policy. 

So, why doesn't he? 🤔

Deaths from homicides are outpacing COVID deaths in Washington, DC...which one is the real pandemic?

* UPDATE August 2...

So, does the NYT opinion article (as described in this Fox News interview) explain the real reason why Joe Biden is allowing the surge in illegal immigration...that is, to allow them to vote without becoming citizens (and sway the outcome of all future elections in favour of, what has now become, his radical extreme far-left Democrat party...in perpetuity)?

If so, what will that do to the country (which is governed by its Constitution) and the rights of its legitimate citizens?

And, what bizarre un-American, unconstitional edict is next, then?

Brace yourselves...

Source: FoxNews

* UPDATE October 3...

More information on inflation...

Meanwhile, Joe Biden's approval ratings continue to tank...

Vintage Joe BidenNo doubt, this will be a shocking revelation for the thousands of Haitians who've recently entered the U.S. illegally via the southern border, with tens of thousands on the way, as I write this.

As we know, leopards don't change their spots, so it makes me wonder what his plans are for all of them...will he welcome and re-settle them all in his home state of Delaware, or will he dump them elsewhere? 🤔

Don't hold your breath that you'll ever see any of them in any Delaware neighbourhoods...instead, they're coming to yours.