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Vintage Xmas Shopping



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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Is Coke's Sugar High Over?

* See UPDATES below...

Price on this monthly chart of Coca-Cola (KO) is sitting just below the apex (53.50) of a large diamond pattern...typically a bearish signal.

Failure to rise and remain above this long-term resistance level could see a sizeable pullback, particularly if Coke's customers begin to pull back their buying of (what once was) the "pause that refreshes" soft drink...as Coca-Cola continues its recent political activism against Caucasians and its participation in extreme far-left "out-of-control cancel-culture" actions by individuals and major corporations against Republicans and Conservatives...and, even entire States, e.g., Georgia (one of 23 Republican-controlled states).

Source: WashingtonExaminer.com

Are their white bears sidelined now?

Source: Forbes.com

If they're trying to insult and alienate customers, including half of America, or more, they're doing a good job!

* UPDATE April 12...

100+ CEOs and business leaders displayed their foolish loyalty to the "extreme far-left cancel-culture mob" during a Zoom call over the weekend, as described in this Zero Hedge article.

"In short, corporate America is making sweeping economic threats to states which pass laws designed to improve election integrity." 

Isn't this proof of corporate America conspiring to buy off politicians of only one political party to thwart the autonomy of individual state lawmaking and to engineer the outcome of state and federal elections? What are they asking for in return? Is this a monopolistic political "pay-to-play scheme?" How is that legal? Is control their endgame...in partnership with Democrats and their "Green New Deal" idealogical agenda?

At what point do Americans get fed up with CEOs (making $65,000/day, or more...yes, per day) who lecture and pressure them on morality, how to vote, and how to live their lives, etc.?

Source: ZeroHedge.com

* UPDATE April 24...

Coke backlash...

Link to tweet