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Monday, February 28, 2022

How Does This Make Sense And Lead To A Sovereign Ukraine?

* See UPDATES below...

As long as the US and Germany (and any other country) continue to buy oil and gas from Russia, they are partially funding President Putin's war against Ukraine, are they not?

President Biden needs to reverse his executive orders that:

  • banned the Keystone XL pipeline from being built from Canada (which was already well under construction), and
  • banned further oil and gas exploration and drilling in the US on Federal lands and imposed further restrictions on the industry,

which, thereby, placed the US in a much weakened position with respect to energy and national security concerns...and a weakened position from which to respond to global crises, such as Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Until he does, he will have to continue to buy the excess oil and petroleum products the US currently needs from Russia...to fuel America's ever-increasing need for viable energy...and will continue to finance Putin's brutal war.

(American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers)

(US Energy Information Association)

Biden's agenda and policies that he's enacted since he took office in January 2021 have contributed to and triggered numerous economic/inflationary and international and national security crises.

If he continues with these policies, including buying Russian oil, etc., to the exclusion of unleashing oil and gas production in America, or, even worse, making a deal to buy it from the brutal terrorist regime of IRAN, with whom he's already negotiating, he can add the demise of Ukraine to his growing list of failures...all under the guise of promoting so-called "green energy policies" to, purportedly, combat "climate change"...at the expense of America's own dependable and readily-available supply of oil and gas and at the expense of Americans and their pocketbook (inflation).

Why is the Biden administration ready to make deals with even more "Devils?" 😕 

N.B. On that point, WHAT will Biden give away to Russia and Iran in exchange for trying to sign a new nuclear deal with Iran, as may be imminent, according to the following article?

WHY is he so anxious to get back into that deal? He hasn't explained that to to the American people. 

WHY is he so anxious to buy Iranian oil, but not allow U.S. producers to ramp up their domestic production?

IF Russia's oil is sanctioned by the U.S., will Russia circumvent that by selling it to Iran, then Iran sell it onward to the U.S.?

WHY is Biden weakening America's energy sector with these actions? 

 WHY is no one asking him these questions?

ZeroHedge excerpt

N.B. So, IF Biden continues to "lead from behind," it's doubtful we'll see the U.S. ban Russian oil imports, unless Europe does, as well.

"Biden's own 'green deal' lunacy"...

ZeroHedge excerpt

By the way, President Biden really has no reason to go before Congress and the American people tomorrow, during his State of the Union Address, to tout any of his policies that he's unleashed over the past year as being successful...in fact, quite the opposite is true.

So, how does any of this make sense and lead to a sovereign Ukraine, especially since President Zelensky, reportedly, just filled out an application for membership in the EU?

German, EU, and US leaders need to explain how it makes sense...and why they are, incidentally, financing this Russian invasion of Ukraine...which includes acts of terrorism and war crimes against civilians and children.

* UPDATE March 1...

It seems that Americans do NOT approve of the job that  President Biden has done over the past year. His approval rating is now down at 37%

It's no wonder, as his left-leaning socialist policies are NOT popular and he was NOT elected with a clear majority mandate in Congress to implement them.

It's time for him to drastically change course to a more sensible and centrist agenda that could garner bi-partisan approval and eliminate the harsh divisiveness and chaos that he's caused among the population.

Talk about devastating timing with the release of this report right before President Biden's SOTU Address tonight...stagflation rears its ugly head.

How will Biden explain that to Americans, while still pushing his massively-inflationary spending and energy-crippling agenda!

Also, the EU has just voted "YES" to accept President Zelensky's membership application to join the European Union.

* UPDATE March 2...

President Biden, in his SOTU Address last night, touted the same old tired, far-left socialist agenda and spending priorities

His speech lacked any acknowledgement of reality relative to the economy and the impacts of rampant inflation, triggered by his policies, as described above.

It lacked any fixes for the current state of affairs, and was bereft of any future-oriented imaginative and prescriptive ideas to sustainably and responsibly grow the economy and ramp up international and national security measures.

I doubt whether his party will be able to convince Americans that their problems are being properly addressed by this administration, so I think the GOP will retake control of both the House and Senate in the November mid-term elections.

As I said, the majority of Americans are NOT in favour of his agenda.

It seems that Mr. Biden is NOT listening...or simply doesn't care...or both.

* UPDATE March 5...

Even electric car-maker, Elon Musk, gets it...why doesn't Joe Biden?

If the Supreme Court rules against Biden, he may not have a choice but to accept the reality around sound, prudent, and pragmatic energy policies...and pivot away from his crippling and dogmatic "green" regulations.

* UPDATE March 6...

The following article provides a summary of all Russia sanctions and developments, to date...bookmark this link to check back for further updates...