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Sunday, May 09, 2021

U.S. Employment Reality Bites The Biden Administration

 But, no one's listening in the White House...

President Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen are ignoring the negative and suppressive effect that Biden's policies, executive orders, and executive actions are already having on the U.S. economy and jobs.

Instead, the President is rushing recklessly toward enacting his party's $93 Trillion extreme far-left Green New Deal (Representative AOC's and Senator Markey's socialist "malarkey") and is already paying people not to work...one of many items on their "wish list."

As I've detailed in my February 9, 2019 article, this will not end well for Americans, or the markets...and, possibly sooner, rather than later.

Strangely, over half of you voted for this man...without even having an inkling of what policies he supported at the time. No wonder he kept his socialist agenda under wraps in his basement until after he took office on January 20! Would you have voted for him, if you'd known what he'd unleash, beginning on Day One?

Continue reading my article at this link

By the way, if Mr. Biden wants to pay people not to work, why would anyone bother to go to school (K through 12) and university, and why should the government (YOU, the taxpayer) cough up money for those redundant institutions, unions, teachers/professors, and programs, as well as their hard assets such as buildings and real estate, etc.?

Socialism fosters laziness and ignorance and squashes the development of creativity. Why would any advanced nation want to foist that kind of misery on its citizens and degrade its economy and national security in the process?

The rest of the world is watching...

...what will YOU do, in the meantime, while the White House fiddles?