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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Political Editorial: What's The Real Reason For The Rush By Democrats To Impeach President Trump?

The following is presented without prejudice.

Subsequent to my post of September 29, I was struck by this tweet today (October 1) by Reuters and the contents of their article.

Source: Reuters.com

Perhaps Democrats' real reason for their urgency and haste to impeach the President for any reason and by any means necessary before the 2020 election relates to the potential impact on the Supreme Court Justices if he were to be re-elected for another four years.

If what's mentioned in this article ever transpired, its effects would be in play for many years/decades after Trump's presidency is over.

We'll see whether this particular subject gains any kind of broader attention, debate and momentum by any other media platforms/networks any time soon...and whether that continues all the way through to November 2020, if President Trump is not successfully impeached before then.

On the other hand, if the President were impeached by both the House and Senate before then, no doubt, Democrats would likely then turn their efforts to impeach VP Pence, since he'd automatically assume the presidency. It's being reported that the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump by the end of this year.

If that were to happen, I assume they'd bring out all their tricks to, either impeach VP Pence, or find ways to discredit his presidency until the 2020 election.

HINT: Keep an eye on whether Democrats begin a smear campaign against Pence any time soon.

An "interesting" scenario...

Inasmuch as Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is next in the line of succession after the VP, she'd automatically become President, if the Vice President were also to be impeached before November 2020...an "interesting" scenario, indeed!

Source: usa.gov

* UPDATE October 2...

Well...that didn't take long! VP Mike Pence's name has now been mentioned twice (that I've heard) today as someone who should also be examined in an impeachment investigation since he's tied to the President...on MSNBC Chris Mathews in his interview of 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and in the Washington Post.

No doubt, we'll hear more of that as this latest mess continues to careen forward at breakneck speed.

Why is the media taking an advocacy role for impeachment of, not only Donald Trump, but also Mike Pence? Aren't they supposed to stick to reporting facts, instead of spinning reports into theories on behalf of the Democrats? Media pundits/reporters have been wildly hurling out unsubstantiated accusation after accusation and calling for Trump's impeachment since he was elected in November 2016! And, I've been writing about it since November 11, 2016.

N.B. More information regarding rules of the impeachment process can be read here.