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Vintage Xmas Shopping

Vintage Xmas Shopping



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Monday, November 20, 2017

Social Whiplash

With all the social whiplash occurring recently regarding allegations of sexual assault against women (and men), I'd just offer this bit of advice...never consider anyone else's body your property, nor is it your right to encroach thereupon.

The U.S. Department of Justice defines "sexual assault" as follows...

If you're in doubt whether anyone is interested in you, ask her/him...never assume anything, as Charlie Rose is now learning (*UPDATE November 21: he has now been fired by CBS, PBS and Bloomberg TV)...

Source: Washington Post

* UPDATE November 21...

It looks like we're headed for social chaos in the weeks/months ahead, as allegations explode across many sectors of society/business/politics (Congressional "shush fund" exposed)...

* UPDATE December 1...

Social upheaval continues as more allegations come forward, investigations are begun, and people are fired from their jobs...