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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Moving from Conflict to Peace and Beyond

Conflicts arise by any number of means...bullying, aggression (physical, emotional, psychological), threats, passive withdrawal, cyber-hacking, ostrasizing, wars...all leading to chaos.

All affected parties must have a genuine desire to end conflicts. To simplify this process, all parties must know and agree upon what kind of long-term, mutually-beneficial, synergistic relationship that they wish to co-create and maintain...one which is single-minded in its purpose and, at the same time, multi-servicing in its actualization. From that end-game perspective, solutions and actual resolutions can be created, resulting in contentment, harmony, peace, and enlightenment. All parties (and the new partnership) can then ascend to Maslow's highest form of basic human needs...that of self-actualization.

The alternative is a guarantee that there will be no peace...no ascension to self-actualization.

On a personal level, if you live your life without knowing your life purpose and values, it becomes a wandering, chaotic, and repetitive generality on the road to mediocrity.

Your life can, however, be meaningful, fulfilling, have a purpose, and have value for you and for others. Are you ready to discover yours, live the life you want and self-actualize along the way? What's present when you're at your best? What will make this happen? How can that be achieved?

Basically, life consists of experiencing many new things. Then, learning from those, we develop new ways to increase our contentment with our lives...one of the perks of growing older. How you interpret and learn from those experiences, along with being intimate with your life purpose and values, will shape your next adventures. Aren't you worth it to be as content as possible with your successes along the way?

"I don't mind getting older as long as the cakes keep getting bigger."
--Author Unknown