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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Pelosi Push

How uncouth! 

It's clear that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deliberately shoved this little girl away from her...and she claims (with a straight face) that she's a Christian! 😕

P.S. Despite the subsequent response/explanation issued by Pelosi's office, she could plainly see that the girl was not hidden behind her before she elbowed her...therefore, no need for the shove.

Imagine if Donald Trump had shoved a Democrat's child during a photo-op when he was President! He probably would have been charged with assault....after being impeached! 

Even though he's been out of office for the past year and a half, Democrats are still searching for some crime they think he committed (in order to have him indicted) by plastering a former White House personnel's shady hearsay testimony on TV, which is already being contradicted by the Secret Service, as noted in the following report. Have they no shame or integrity?

* UPDATE July 16...

Wait...there's more...more Pelosi "privilege" revealed...

* UPDATE July 28...

Not everyone thinks Nancy and Mr. Pelosi's trades are above board...I wonder what Martha Stewart thinks? 🤔

* UPDATE Aug. 14...

OK, so what's Taiwan going to do about this, if anything???