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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Farewell, President Trump...Buona Fortuna, 45! PLUS: Impeachment #2

* See UPDATES below...

This post has it all...thrills, spills and political theatre...

  • Former President Donald Trump's departure messages after serving his first term in office
  • 2020 election "fortification" versus election "rigging"
  • House Impeachment #2 and Senate Acquittal #2 of Mr. Trump
  • Capitol riot of January 6
  • Capitol security review
  • Future Republican leadership questions
  • America's future under the Biden administration 

Farewell Address 01/19/2021

Departure Ceremony 01/20/2021

Departure from White House 01/20/2021

Link to Trump Administration Accomplishments
Link to Trump White House Archives


Buona Fortuna, 45! 😊

NEW WEBSITE: donaldjtrump.com


* UPDATE February 5...

Well, well, well...what will Trump voters think of this revelation yesterday by Time Magazine portraying the efforts to ensure a Biden 2020 election win as an "election fortification" rather than as an "election rigging?"

Nice wording, but does it change the intent and actions of the participants?

By the way, are these participants' actions considered to be "in-kind political contributions" and subject to Federal tax and revenue regulations? And were they reported as such? How does one assign a $ value to securing a Presidential win, particularly if they all acted as one big cabal?

Link to tweet

Link to Time article

Link to tweet

Interesting timing of the release of this information, considering the Senate trial of Impeachment #2 of former President Trump begins next week. 

The following is Mr. Trump's legal counsels' response to the House of Representatives' Article of Impeachment charge of "Incitement of Insurrection."

BFW_020221_17250 by Zerohedge

Link to tweet

And, the following is the 78-page brief filed by former President Trump's legal team (filed February 8).

Trump Impeachment Trial Mem... by Herridge

Link to tweet

The following articles allege that various agencies knew in advance that certain groups were planning to make the January 6th rally violent and did nothing to stop it. If so, how could Trump's speech at that rally have been the cause of the Capitol Hill riot...and where does the blame lie for not fortifying security around the Capitol prior to the rally?

Link to tweet

Link to tweet

Link to article

Link to tweet

Link to tweet

Link to tweet

Link to tweet

* UPDATE February 12...

Day 4 of the US Senate Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump...(defense counsel arguments)...

* UPDATE February 13...

Day 5: Defense counsel closing arguments today...

US Senate acquits former President Trump of Impeachment...the Senate trial is OVER.



Perhaps House Speaker Pelosi and 
Senate Majority Leader Schumer 
can now get on with the business of the American people
and close the chapter on former President Trump.


P.S. In my opinion, it's doubtful that the Republican party, as it stands today, would ever endorse former President Donald John Trump again as their candidate if he were to run as a Republican in any future Presidential election, based on Senator McConnell's remarks today on the Senate floor, following the acquittal...(damning, but he voted NOT GUILTY). By the way, where is McConnell's outrage and condemnation of Speaker Pelosi's recent remarks where she recklessly accused the Republicans in Congress of being "the enemy within?" Where was his outrage and condemnation of Democrat Senators' verbal support of the violent riots (500+) and looting/burning/murders/injuries that were comitted across 200+ cities by Antifa and BLM militants last summer, with some still ongoing (including, then Senator now Vice-President, Kamala Harris' monetary bail fund to support those arrested)? It seems like President Trump was the only one who spoke out against the rioters and offered the States the use of the National Guard for protection, inasmuch as their police forces were overwhelmed and their officers sustained many injuries (over 600), while around 40, or more, died in the riots.

However, I'm not sure that McConnell is now the de facto leader of the Republican party, bearing in mind the high percentage of support Trump still enjoys among his voters, as well as many Republicans in Congress (nearly 90%). And it's doubtful that Republicans could retake the House and Senate without Trump's support, in one form or another. 

Either way, Republicans would have to have a strong leader (who connects with, supports and represents the American people), grow a backbone and form a strong, unbreakable union with a cohesive agenda and policies to push back and beat the hard-left ideological Democrat machine (ask Texas how their green energy grid is going for them) that has taken hold, particularly in the White House, where President Biden is ruling America simply by signing a massive number of executive orders and actions (somewhere around 50, so far, 
since January 20)...rather than by sending his proposals to Congress through the normal democratic political process for deliberation and legislation. 

The impeachment has been a useful distraction tool away from Biden's overreaching activities. And, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, for the most part, seems uninterested in anything except bashing Mr. Trump, people from his administration, and his voters (even after he's out of office), while fawning over President Biden and ignoring his increasingly false, reckless, strange and disturbing verbal gaffes and ramblings. Why are they still focused on, and whipping up fear around, Mr. Trump and the 75 million people who voted for him? Shouldn't they, instead, be focused on, and holding to account, the man who is now PresidentWHY AREN'T THEY?

We'll see what happens over the next couple of years. In the meantime, America (and her citizens) will remain anything but unified (assuming President Biden and Democrats continue to pursue their radically socialist agenda by executive fiat)...and, because of that, it will be systemically unhealthy 
  • economically, 
  • technologically, 
  • industrially, 
  • socially,
  • culturally, 
  • racially, 
  • psychologically, 
  • philosophically, 
  • physically, 
  • spiritually, 
  • morally, and 
  • intellectually, 
thus weakening its already-fragile national and international security matrix and fracturing or destroying its Constitution and Republic, along with its long-standing system of justice, equality, individual rights, freedoms and liberties.

By the way, if anyone is curious or worried about the primary occupant and the state of affairs at the White House, check out this article and this one, and ask yourself if you're better off and safer now and for the next four years, than you were the last four. 

Who's really in charge of the USA and who's holding him/her/them accountable?

* UPDATE February 15...

Questions have been raised by House GOP leaders to Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding the security of the Capitol on January 6.

Will they (and Americans) get answers and who will be held accountable for the security failure?...

* UPDATE January 6, 2022...

How could former President Trump be indicted for a crime he didn't commit? 

Jonathan Turley answers that question in the following article...

ZeroHedge excerpt