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The charts and comments in my Blog (posted in Eastern Time) represent my technical analysis and observations of a variety of markets...
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...an expanded version of the "Observations" section in my private Daily Trading Journal.

*** N.B. to my readers: Although I stopped trading in July 2013, I still take a peek at the markets now and then and post the occasional article here on my Blog.
NEW SERVICE: I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new service as a Certified Professional Life Coach...please check out this page for details and updates.

Earth Day

Earth Day


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DISCLAIMER (Candy Matheson, a.k.a. Strawberry Blonde)

All of my posts contain solely my opinions/observations (which may contain errors or omissions) of a variety of markets and are provided for your information or entertainment only...none of it may be construed as financial or trading advice. I trade my personal account only...I do not manage a fund for other people. Please do your own "due diligence" before engaging in any trading activity.

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As a Certified Professional Life CoachI do not provide counselling, advice, or psycho-therapy sessions, nor do I guarantee the extent of your success.  My coaching methods are structured and simply intended to assist you in your self-discovery, the resolution of your issues and achievement of your goals to improve your performance (taking into consideration the 'Big Picture' aspects of your life, as well your values), and to enhance the quality of your life. Your success depends on your level of commitment to the whole process, your honesty with yourself and with me, and the energy that you bring into the coaching relationship. I will be your collaborative partner who brings commitment, honesty, confidentiality and privacy, support, and positive, forward-moving energy to the coaching relationship. Either one of us may terminate this relationship at any time without cause.

Compliance with these simple provisos will make us both happy.