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Late Summer

Late Summer


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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Mainstream Media: A Treasure-Trove of Trolls

There are a number of definitions of an internet troll...a couple of them are as follows...

Trolls are anonymous. It seems to me that any news article that contains the use of anonymous sources would be akin to using trolls for information...or, rather, dis-information.

The most egregious example is this New York Times op-ed, which is actually authored by an anonymous source...hence, a troll. One of the paragraphs in this article (excerpt below) is especially troubling in that it hints of a nefarious outcome for President Trump, or, even, poses a threat of some kind.

This letter to the editor of the New York Times by Kevin McCarthy, Congressional House Majority Leader, says, in part, that, "The anonymous official's essay is shocking. He should be exposed and fired." "Whatever else the anonymous essay accomplishes, its ultimate effect will be to erode the legitimate authority of the president, in this and subsequent administrations."

The problem with trolls is that they cannot be identified, their credentials and information challenged, and, thus, be held fully accountable for their accusations. This will continue until and unless trolls step forward and properly identify themselves. In the meantime, their words are simply empty, inflammatory, confusing, meaningless, and without validity. They deserve to be ignored.

For readers to decide what is truth or fiction in order to formulate an appropriate response and action, they should be given provable, reliable facts, not innuendos, and not have the truth hidden from them, as seems to be the case with the long-standing quest to determine the legal basis for Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein's special counsel investigation, as described in former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, Andrew McCarthy's article.